A series of shots at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. The Russians are preparing an unusual event – Wprost

Enerhodar and the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant have been under Russian occupation since early March. The situation concerns the International Atomic Energy Agency. Its boss, Rafael Grossi, recently spoke bluntly about the “flashing red light” due to the lack of progress in negotiations to restore a remote monitoring system for the radiological situation of the installation.

Will Russian propaganda organize a concert in the occupied city?

Surprising news was published on the official channel of the city of Enerhodar on Telegram on Sunday. According to the information provided, the Russians plan to organize a concert in Enerhodara, a town located at the foot of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which has been under occupation since March 4. “Racists take pop singers of ‘patriotic’ songs to occupied Enerhodar, Ukrainians inform.

The concert will likely take place on May 9, during Russia’s Victory Day celebration. “Russian singers Gazmanov and Rastorguyev can give a concert in the racist-occupied satellite town of Enerhodar, the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. Most likely, this will happen during the Victory Day celebrations on May 9,” the Ukrainians write. Both singers are People’s Artists of the Russian Federation. Nikolai Rastorguev was even a deputy of the Russian Duma.

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“The program is interesting for the civilized world: in a Ukrainian city captured by modern fascists, supporters of fascism will sing victory over fascism” – summary on the Enerhodaru channel.

Bursts of energy shots. The Russians were “celebrating” May Day

A week before the possible date of the pro-Russian concert, other shots shook the town of Enerhodar. Several recordings appeared on Telegram, where you can clearly hear, among other things, a series with a machine gun.

“According to residents of the neighborhood, in the evening, gunshots were heard in different parts of the city. Before that – automatic weapons. Unfortunately, it is not yet known exactly what happened, this is probably how the invaders celebrated May Day. Such an improvised salute during the war in the occupied satellite town of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Of course, the racists did not care about the safety of the civilian population,” it read on the city channel on Sunday evening. The entry was also accompanied by recordings showing the Russians’ “honourable salvo”.

“Citizens of Enerhodar! The bacchanalia of the occupiers will not last long, the armed forces are doing everything to liberate your city “- it was emphasized in the entry. Residents who no longer wish or cannot wait for Enerhodar to be reclaimed from the occupants may evacuate. Another corridor will open on Monday, May 2. “On May 2, an evacuation corridor was opened with our own transport from Enerhodar to Zaporozhye via Wasylówka-Kamyanske via Tokmak-Orichów” – communicated via Telegram by the mayor of the city, Dmitry Orlov.

The war in Ukraine and radiation in Poland. There is the last PAA message

While the situation of Ukrainian nuclear power plants remains stable, the National Atomic Energy Agency continues to closely monitor the radiation situation in Poland and regularly publishes new communications.

One was posted minutes after 8 a.m. on Monday. The agency makes it known that nothing disturbing has been recorded in our country. “The National Atomic Energy Agency continuously analyzes data obtained from the national radiation monitoring system. The AAP found no concerning indications from the measuring equipment. Currently, there is no threat to human health and life or the environment on the territory of the Republic of Poland,” the press release reads.

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