Decision maker – who is he? What should you know about this?

A decision maker is a concept in a decision theory that describes a specific entity or group that undertakes the decision-making process. Policy makers are most often defined as those responsible for formulating or changing politics and economics. At the national level, this includes ministers, civil servants, advisers, members of parliamentary committees, deputies or employees of government agencies, among others.

In some areas of state management, these entities also include people who demonstrate expertise in a specific area and play an important role in the process of forming political reality. The decision-makers themselves are also approached by many people outside the areas of influence who wish to make a significant contribution to the decision-making process. These may be, for example, lobbyists, special interest groups, scientists or voters.

For every problem that requires a choice, there is a decision maker. These entities can be divided into three basic categories. The first of them are natural persons, that is, individual units that have the individual capacity to make a specific decision.

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