Deep Web – what is it? The dark side of the Internet – interesting facts

Controversial photos, human trafficking and the offer of paid killers – these are just some of the things that can be found on the Deep Web. Learn the dark secrets of the web.

The internet is a place where many people indulge in a lot more than they actually are. Therefore, he hides a lot of dark secrets. Scary websites can be found on the web YouTube channels that post videos with disturbing content. But have you ever wondered what happens in places ordinary users don’t have access to? Learn the darkest secrets of the Deep Web.

5 levels of internet

Apparently, the Internet is divided into several levels with different degrees of accessibility for users. The zero level is what is called common web. It consists of sites such as Wikipedia or Youtube, offering ready-to-use content. The first level is surface web, which simply involves the use of Google services and their use to search for various content. The next layer of the network, the so-called Bergie Web, contains websites that are not entirely legal, but at the same time accessing them does not require any special measures on the part of users – such as 4 channels if Warez.

Reaching the higher levels of the network, called by Internet users, is much more problematic Deep web.

What exactly is the Deep Web?

It is a part of the Internet that contains content that is not publicly available and not visible in searches. It starts with the third network layer of the same name. To access it, appropriate applications and tools must be used. The pages that are in this part of the network are specially hidden because they most often contain highly controversial and illegal content. At the fourth level, called Website charter one can find, for example, information on drug and human trafficking, various banned films and books or offers of paid killers.

The last layer of the Internet, the existence of which has been confirmed, is called Marianne’s website. This place is considered the darkest corner of the internet for a reason. Its name refers to the Marian Trench, i.e. the underwater fault, which is the deepest recorded place on Earth.

How to access the Deep Web?

It is said that more 80% of the entire internet is in its hidden layers. How do I access this type of content? Of course, this requires special tools. Many Internet users consider the Tor program as the absolute basis – it allows you to hide your IP address, and thus maintain anonymity on the network. The Deep Web is full of people knowledgeable enough to be able to determine the exact location of virtually any internet user.

However, getting to Mariana’s Web is superior driving school. Apparently, the content published there is specially encrypted so that only experienced hackers can access it.

Mariana’s Web – the deepest level of the Internet

It is said that there is content on Mariana’s web that is so disturbing that accessing it is nearly impossible for the average person browsing the web. In order to uncover the dark secrets of this part of the Internet, they would be needed technologies used by quantum computers. But what can people who manage to thwart the security system find on the Marian network?

Apparently, Mariana’s Web is the place of her greatest prosperity trafficking in human beings and organs. You can also buy personal data, bank account passwords or compromising photographs. It is said that there are government files hidden from the public or Vatican archives. At the fifth level of the Internet we will find a special service A hidden wiki, which collects all the services available on the Deep Web and classifies them into the appropriate categories. And the Marian Network is full of illegal content, such as drastic photos, hitmen and child pornography. Supposedly, you can also find ads on deathmatches, pages belonging to spy rings and terrorist organizations.

Mariana’s Web Theories

There are also many legends around the deepest level of the web. Apparently, its users managed to decode ancient prophecies and know them the location of the Holy Grail and even of Atlantis. Many people also believe that in the Deep Web you can also find traces of a very powerful female artificial intelligence.

It also turns out that the Deep Web isn’t just about hiding controversial and immoral content. It is often used by users who only want to remain anonymous, for example, residents of totalitarian countries or ordinary owners of a compromising hobby.

What do you think of the dark corners of the web? Let me know in the comments. If you’re interested in scary theories and riddles, check out Archive of Secrets.

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