Guerrilla marketing, what is it?

Every business wants to promote their products or services and increase their sales. Besides the traditional forms of advertising, there are also many other solutions. One of them is guerrilla marketing. The whole concept is based on a creative approach to advertising and using creativity to make the message memorable for a long time.

An alternative to traditional advertising

Nowadays, advertisements can be found practically everywhere. They surround people on the street, appear on visited websites, in phone applications or even before movies to watch on the Internet. So it’s no surprise that many potential customers have now learned to ignore them. Therefore, to somehow stand out and attract attention, traditional forms of marketing are not enough. More and more companies are turning to other solutions, such as native advertising or influencer marketing. Guerrilla marketing also has its place in today’s advertising world, and what’s more, it works very well.

It all comes down to creating a simple yet creative strategy to promote a product or service. It can be said that it advertises the offer in an unconventional way. Such advertising is remembered, engages the audience and has a great impact on them. Moreover, it does not entail high costs at all.

Ways to Implement Guerrilla Marketing

In guerrilla marketing, the objective is always the same: to promote a product or service. However, this can be done in a number of ways, as many companies have a very good track record over the years. Also, almost every year there are new and even better ideas for guerrilla marketing to stand out from the crowd. Interesting solutions include, for example:

  1. Stickers – at first glance, they do not seem unusual at all. Stickers can also be used in traditional marketing. The key here, however, is the idea. A good example will be the promotion of Tyskie beer. The company decided to use stickers of large beer mugs placed on the doors of restaurants and bars so that the handles look like mug handles. This way, the company was able to creatively promote its beer a moment before customers came to the bar to place an order.
  2. Flash mob – is another idea for an effective marketing strategy. A successful flash mob can quickly gain publicity. Although they have the most effect on people who are directly at the center of events, recordings are also great for later promotion, especially since they often gain YouTube viewership.
  3. Treasure hunt How to increase the interest of potential customers and involve them in the promotion of the offer? Giving them a secret and a promise of reward. Thus, many companies opt for guerrilla marketing linked to treasure hunts. The whole idea is based on hiding tips about a specific product on the internet or social media so recipients can solve the puzzle and win prizes.
  4. rainy advertisement this is an example of an interesting street advertisement. The idea is very simple. The graphics are prepared with a special spray that prevents water absorption. As a result, advertisements only become visible when it starts to rain. This mode of promotion definitely attracts attention and is remembered.
  5. huge publicity the next idea is to create an advertisement large enough to remain initially imperceptible. It can be, for example, a huge photo displayed in a supermarket. People downstairs have no idea what they’re walking on. Only when they go to the next level and look over the railing will everything become clear. Some companies go further by using passers-by as an additional publicity effect. An example is a large photo of a dog against which passers-by look like fleas.

Guerrilla marketing in interesting examples

Of course, the categories mentioned above are not all the options available. The only limit to guerrilla marketing is creativity and imagination. This is actually proven by some companies that have had great promotion in accordance with the principles of guerrilla marketing. These include, for example:

  1. tattooed mirrors – many tattoo studios have opted for such a solution. By placing the tattoo on the mirror, customers could see what the final effect would look like.
  2. Colgate snack – the maker of Colgate toothpaste also had a great idea. He decided to remind consumers to brush their teeth after eating sweets. So he placed some sticks in the shape of a toothbrush.
  3. Netflix 3D promo – 3D ads don’t always command admiration or attention, but some companies know how to exploit their potential. This was the case with Netflix and the promotion of the Altered Carbon series. Netflix has installed ads that look like naked people in large plastic bags next to bus stops. In addition, the models moved and seemed to breathe. No wonder the advertisement aroused great interest and it was difficult to forget about it.
  4. Carlsberg’s Best Beer Ad – free products or tastings no longer make a good impression on anyone. Unless it’s done in an unconventional way. And that’s what the Carlsberg beer marketers have definitely found. Instead of traditionally handing out cans of beer, they put up a huge billboard in central London with the words ‘probably the best poster in the world’. There was a tap below, from which passers-by could pour themselves a free beer.

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