How to install Chrome Web Store extensions on Android?

Browsing the Internet from your smartphone is very convenient, and we all do it. However, I always missed one thing – the lack of support for the extremely rich extension database used by browser users on personal computers. Fortunately, there is also a way. We suggest how to install Chrome Web Store extensions on Android using Kiwi Browser.

How to install Chrome Web Store extensions on Android? Content:

Why are Chrome Web Store extensions important?

First, because of the number of extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. A base rich in additives allows you to complete it browser customization down Our needsas we wrote in this article. The list of all features cannot be directly reconciled or compared to natively supported add-ons in mobile browsers. Minimal support is provided by only a few applications that can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Mentioned fragmentation mobile solutions and the browser market is a big problem. Let’s make a date – he’s very poor, and an experienced user with habits derived from the PC environment will feel like someone took all his toys from the sandbox (and sometimes working toolswithout which it is difficult to live!).

How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android?

Google Chrome doesn’t support any extensions and in fact – if we don’t count the individual add-ons present here and there – a limited but notable number can only be found in Firefox. Unfortunately, even the fox in the mobile version is very far from the known capabilities of the systems the Windows if macOS.

So there is no centralization and a big depositwhich is the Chrome Web Store. Of course, one can accept it and get over it, or on the contrary – have it access to all extensionswhether we have a laptop or just a smartphone, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

How to install and configure Kiwi Browser?

Kiwi Chrome Web Store Browser Android Extension

The issue we mentioned a moment ago was noticed by enthusiasts and power users. Side XDA Developers bringing together enthusiasts of out-of-the-box thinking (the forum has already been mentioned many times in our pages – recently when updating Android unofficially), follows the project of a regulars from the very beginning.

Arnaud Granal, under the pseudonym Arnaud42, founded the company and has been developing a mobile browser for several years Kiwiwhich is based on Chromium and lets you install extensions from the Chrome Web Store on Android.

Installation (currently completed 10 million downloads) and preparing it for work is not complicated. We pass to Google Play Store and download Kiwi at:

Kiwi Browser – Fast & Quiet – Apps on Google Play

install kiwi browser

After launching the browser, click on the three dots in the upper right corner (main menu) and go to the panel Settings:

kiwi browser installation tutorial

Find a section in settings Appearance and bookmark Facilitate access:

kiwi accessibility browser installation

Here we mark the option Optimize extension store, which will make it much easier to navigate the Chrome Web Store. Moreover, we can also choose Show extensions firstthanks to which we will not have to scroll the screen to find extensions in the main menu.

kiwi browser setup

Then enter in the address bar kiwi://extensions and turn it on developer mode. We are fully ready to work with extensions – we will open the store with a button + (from store):

kiwi browser in developer mode

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Practical tests. The Chrome Web Store on Android makes sense!

It’s time to start the practical aspect and check that everything works and that we haven’t lost any functionality. Let’s start with the ad blocker uBlock Originto show you how easy it is to add more extensions in this example.

Go to the store and click on the three horizontally arranged stripes next to the logo (the so-called hamburger menu):

How to Install Chrome Web Store Extensions on Android

Then enter the name of the add-onconfirm your choice and press Xwhich will allow us to see the search results:

what is ublock kiwi browser origin

We select the extension and find the blue button Add to Chrome:

install ublock origin kiwi
install ublock origin kiwi

We confirm permissions and we can test uBlock. We call the options of each extension of Main Menuafter clicking icon Add:

ublock original kiwi config

After about ten tests, I have to confirm that all the functions work correctly, even selective blocking fragment of a specific page (item selection mode):

ublock origin chrome extensions

Was it so good with the other extensions? Installing other add-ons did not generate any errors on the software side. Of the nine plugins I installed, seven worked exactly as they did on office automation. Only add-ons the functionality depended on proved to be problematic select a piece of text or call up the classic menu right-click on the page (Search in the context menu and Google Translate).

Mobile browsers do not use the same menu as desktop browsers, therefore the appropriate options may not be displayed. Nevertheless, I consider the result Welland the navigator itself for a great project, which is worth following and which is now suitable for daily work.

Something that started with theoretical considerations in the forum of enthusiasts and technically gifted people turned into a concrete and practical toolwhich will probably save my skin more than once.

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