“My wife lives like in heaven for my money, and she still spits venom at me. If not for my son, I would have escaped this hellhole a long time ago.” – From real life

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Winnie runs away from me. He hides behind his mother’s back, cries, even refuses to accept the toy. He turns his head and shouts: “Go away! I don’t like you very much!” He is three years old. She is my only child.
The day he was born, I thought a miracle had happened. Me, a 47-year-old man after an operation, I no longer counted on the offspring.

When Olga said she was pregnant, I went crazy with happiness. Again, I had something to live for! She threatened not to marry me unless she got a big diamond ring. I’m a rich guy, so I bought a very nice and expensive one. For my son’s mother, I wouldn’t have done anything, and I had a feeling it would be a son! I wanted to make her happy.

She was pretty, she had grace and a desire for me

In the meantime, Olga affirms today that I never loved her, that she was like an incubator for me:

– If it hadn’t been for the fact that I passed, you wouldn’t have married me in your life.

He’s right, but why talk about it? I did what I had to do; I created a life for her that she could only dream of. He lives in prosperity, does not have to work, buys expensive clothes and goes where he wants. Isn’t that enough?

She’s young, not yet thirty, she just wants to cuddle me and look me in the eye. I explain that someone has to work their bread and their treats, and she then takes offense
and give me a few quiet days. In fact, I even prefer that, because when she walks past me and pretends to be absent, I take a break from her constant talk and resentment.

“An ice cube has more heat than you!” – my wife complains. – I’m cold with you.

“I’ll buy you some new fur,” I joke to cheer him up. – The most expensive that will be in the store. You won’t be cold in it!

Olga has a great temper. I have always been quite indifferent to sex: once every two or three weeks, even when I was young, even less now, after an operation. And my wife needs to have sex every night! We are fundamentally different here and I don’t know how we could get along.

– I’ll take a lover, you’ll see! She yelled at me once. – You should have wondered when you were looking at me!

What was I supposed to ask myself? She went to bed herself. She worked in my company, she was pretty, she had grace, courage and she smiled beautifully. Once she came to my office with some papers.

– Either the CEO will fire me from my job, or I will be promoted – she said, she sat cheekily on my lap and kissed me on the lips.

Because of her, Kubuś doesn’t trust me anymore

I liked his arrogance then; I didn’t even ask if he was safe. She looked experienced and more confident. Anyway, after the operation, I had no hope of becoming a father, although the doctors did not categorically rule it out.

– Everything is possible, Mr. Adam – they said. – The human body is a mystery!

And it happened. I can have no doubt that Winnie is mine – like he ripped my skin off.

– It’s the president in miniature! – my employees laugh when I take him around the company.

In fact, when I took it, because I haven’t for a long time. Olga plays our child. Winnie is a punishment for me when I do something wrong, and less often a reward; she decides what is due to me. He is in a bad mood, looks at me with a wolf, answers – so Kubuś is included in the action.

“Dad is ugly,” Olga said. – He doesn’t like mom.

– What are you saying to the baby? – I get nervous, then she smiles mischievously:

– You see, son, how daddy yells at mommy? Mom is afraid of dad. I don’t know what daddy can do to mommy.

– Do not be stupid ! Can’t you see he’s scared? – Please.

– Let him be afraid! Let him know you can’t be trusted. You promised me paradise, and what?

– Do you feel bad? You are like in paradise!

It’s rare that my wife is nicer to me. But then he manipulates Cuba.

“Your father is very rich,” he begins. – If you ask him, he will buy you a sister or a brother.

– Do you buy children? – Kuba’s eyes are wide open.

– Normally born, but everything is upside down with your father. He buys them!

– He bought me too?

– You were born, but your dad bought me first! He paid a lot of money…

The little one has big eyes, he doesn’t understand. And Olga continues:

– If you ask him, he will buy you everything too. All that you want.

– All? – asks the kid.

– Yes! And if he doesn’t, you’ll be angry. To understand?

Kuba becomes a nervous and hysterical boy who, by shouting and pouting, forces the adults to tolerate his behavior. I can’t intervene, because Olga immediately makes a hell of a quarrel with me, and then it’s even worse.

How far can she go?

I try to explain to her that he’s hurting our baby, but she doesn’t care. He puts his son against me. Kuba is mad at me, won’t let me touch him, won’t kiss me. He was spitting and biting lately when I wanted to hug him… He was acting like a terrified pet.

– Let’s part – please Olga. – I don’t care about money, I’ll give you whatever you want. Don’t take the child away from me…

“Would you…” he hisses. – Never wait! There must be a punishment.

– What punishment? Why?

– You don’t want me, you won’t get Cuba either! Sure?

– You don’t love me at all – I wonder.

– How am I supposed to like such a wooden puppet? You don’t need a wife!

– I will tell the truth. I do not need you. I don’t love you. But you are close to me and you always will be. We have a baby!

– You will regret those words! – the woman is furious. – Kuba will hate you as much as I hate you! I will try to do it!

I talked to my friends about it, one of my friends had a stormy breakup with his wife, a fight over the kids. He urges me to hire a lawyer and try to assert my rights in court. Olga does not want to hear about the court. He throws various objects, shouts, cries, and Kuba then hides in the corners.

– If you force me to divorce, I will take revenge. You wish you didn’t know how I do it!

– Woman, what do you have in mind? Why are you hurting me?

She looks me in the eyes like she wants to kill with her eyes

“I even loved you once, but you pushed me away.” It is not forgiven!

I’m afraid of her! God only knows what this madwoman thinks. My hands are tied because I can’t imagine that I’m going to lose my son, that I won’t be allowed to see him. Worse, when I see how Olga can sometimes get angry, I’m afraid that even our child could be hurt in some way!

Maybe I should take her overseas and start a new life there? However, do I have the right to expose Kuba to such a shock as being separated from his mother, whom he loves dearly? Olga is a strange woman for me.

I don’t wish her any harm, I’m ready to help her if she needs it, but I don’t want to be with her, I don’t want to touch her anymore, make love to her. I couldn’t get near her! Should I pretend for my son that we’re fine? I won’t force myself to do it, I won’t. But I can’t lose my child either. I love them…

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