Record inflation, end of border trade on Sunday

The EEC behind us

The 14th European Economic Congress is behind us. This year’s edition in number is as much as 15 thousand. participants, of which 9 thousand. stationary and 6 thousand. followers of online discussions and more than 550 accredited journalists. During the 150th session, we welcomed 1000 panelists. We invite you to read the minutes of the debates. We particularly recommend those relating to commerce and e-commerce.

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CEE: trade moves from the real world to the virtual world

Inflation is accelerating, food is up 12.7%.

Prices for consumer goods and services in April rose 12.3% year on year, and compared to the previous month, prices rose 2.0%. – reported the Central Statistical Office.

Monika Kurtek, Chief Economist of Bank Pocztowy, points out that the CPI has reached another level that has not been seen for years, that is, since 1998. – Unfortunately, breaking another barrier, at know 13.0% a / a, is only a matter of 1 -2 months – says the expert.

– During the month, food prices rose by 4.2% and it seems that their further rise is inevitable. In particular, that the economy of Ukraine is currently in a deplorable state, and that this country is the breadbasket of Europe – says Mariusz Zielonka, economic expert of the Lewiatan Confederation.

End of border trade on Sunday

– Currently, we are no longer faced with an emergency situation that would justify the opening of stores in the provinces of Lublin and Podkarpacie, regardless of the exceptions provided by the law on the restriction of Sunday business. Therefore, entrepreneurs who trade on Sundays and holidays, also in the voivodships of Podkarpackie and Lubelskie, must take into account the inspections of the State Labor Inspectorate and possible sanctions, in the event of the finding of violations – informed the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

This is the government’s response to the appeal of trade unionists. – It turns out that in Poland Twitter entries are more important than laws – said Alfred Bujara, head of trade “Solidarity”. In a position addressed to Minister Marlena Maląg, the trade unions pointed out that for two months in the voivodeships bordering Ukraine, shop workers have been working on Sundays, when shops should be closed by law.

Biedronka is again under the control of the UOKiK

The Office will verify the marketing activities and the conditions of participation in the promotional campaign “Anti-Inflation Biedronka Shield”.

In Biedronka stores, from April 12 to June 30, there is a promotional campaign called “Anti-Inflation Biedronka Shield” referring to the government program. It consists in the fact that the company Jeronimo Martins Polska promises that the price of certain goods will remain unchanged, and their price will be the lowest on the market. “If on our list of the 150 most purchased products you find a product at a lower regular price in another store, WE WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE” – assures the owner of the Biedronka chain in the advertisements.

During the investigation, the President of the UOKiK will check whether the advertising media relating to this promotional campaign comply with the terms and conditions provided for in the promotional regulations. It turns out that consumers who would like to be reimbursed for the price difference under the “Ladybug Anti-Inflation Shield” must fulfill numerous conditions. For example, they should buy a product in Biedronka in the same week, and – cheaper – in another, specified in the regulations, competitive store. In addition, proofs of purchase must be mailed to the company paying the letter postage. In turn, the refund of the price difference is possible only in the form of an e-code for shopping at Biedronka, which will be valid for 7 days.

Recall that over the past two years, the UOKiK imposed fines on the Biedronka network in the amount of almost 900 million PLN. The network does not agree with any of the decisions and appeals to the court.

Biedronka increased its market share

Revenues of the Biedronka channel in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 15.4% in national currency. yy. LFL sales increased by 12.2%. Revenues in euros increased by 13.4% to 3.8 billion euros.

Volume growth weakened at the start of the year, but the outbreak of war in March led to a significant increase in certain product categories, which was caused by stockpiling, donations and the influx of refugees in Poland, resulting in increased Biedronka sales. market share.

In the first quarter, Biedronka opened 16 stores (11 net) and rebuilt 61 locations. At the end of March, it had 3,261 stores.

Jeronimo Martins confirmed the forecast for 2022. The plan foresees the opening of around 130 Biedronka stores and a new distribution center, as well as the modernization of around 350 outlets.

Stokrotka’s turnover exceeded one billion euros

In 2021, the Stokrotka chain expanded by 81 new stores and increased its revenue by 14.6% (at constant exchange rates), to 1,087 million euros, Maxima Grupe reported. The costs of entering the Polish e-commerce market and the retail sales tax in Poland weighed on Maxima’s results.

– At an intense pace, BARBORA, the e-commerce operator of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, started operating in Poland and successfully responded to the new increase in demand for online groceries in the Baltic countries. The Group’s e-commerce sales increased by 48.8% compared to the previous year, we learned.

In addition, the Stokrotka chain of stores is developing its logistics. A new larger distribution center has been opened in Teresin. The warehouse located in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship occupies more than 34 thousand. m² area. The center supplies approximately 400 Stokrotka stores with groceries. The investment will also support newly opened branches, which will number around 150 this year.

Dino with a record number of openings

From January to the end of March 2022, Dino Polska opened 66 new stores compared to 59 a year earlier. At the end of March, the chain had 1,880 stores against 1,532 a year earlier.

At the end of 2021, the chain had 1,815 stores and its annual turnover increased by 32%. In 2021, consumers made more than 1.1 million purchases per day in supermarkets, more than 30% more than in 2020.

Eurocash sees the effects of optimizing the Delikatesy Centrum chain

In April, we also learned of the results of Eurocash. The group’s total turnover in 2021 reached 26.3 billion zlotys, an increase of 3.5%. a/a The consolidated net loss amounted to 99 million PLN (compared to a net profit of 49 million PLN a year earlier and a net loss of 165 million PLN in the first half of 2021).

– The year 2021 proved to be extremely demanding for the independent merchants who are the main customers of the Eurocash Group. We have seen a general shift of consumers from the independent market to discounters. We have clearly felt this in our own stores, where the impact of the pandemic has overlapped with the ongoing and longer than expected integration of Mila stores with the Delikatesy Centrum chain. This required tough decisions, such as the closure of the 50 most affected stores, to focus efforts on developing the rest of the chain. Therefore, we are relieved to see that these decisions are bearing their first fruits, said Paweł Surówka, President of Eurocash Group.

Good Carrefour sales in Poland

In the first quarter of 2022, Carrefour recorded a 9% increase in sales. (3.4% LfL). The group’s turnover amounts to nearly 20.24 billion euros.

Sales in Poland amounted to 505 million euros, which means an increase in LfL of 5.5%. The increase in LfL sales in Europe is only 0.7%.

At the end of the first quarter of 2022, the Group had 935 stores in Poland (92 hypermarkets, 152 supermarkets, 682 convenience stores and 9 soft discount stores).

Three new LPP markets, goodbye Russia

In 2023, LPP will debut in three more markets in Italy and Greece with the Sinsay brand and with Reserved franchise stores in Cyprus. LPP’s estimated revenues for the 2022/23 financial year, excluding the Ukrainian and Russian markets, could amount to more than PLN 16 billion, which means a 13% increase in sales. a / a E-commerce sales at the end of the current financial year are expected to exceed PLN 5 billion. The company plans to develop a fixed network and more than 500,000 m² of new retail space. Reserved will also expand into Germany and Great Britain.

In addition, LPP decided to sell the companies RE TRADING OOO and LLC Re Development registered in Russia.

Currently, all stationary and online stores of LPP brands operating in Russia so far remain closed.

eBay makes a second attempt in Poland

eBay makes a new opening to our country. The company introduces intelligent translation of offers from and into Polish – sellers will have easier access to the 190 marketplaces where eBay is present. The platform plans include further changes regarding buyers and sellers.

Until now, most of the global product catalog was not available in Polish. According to the research conducted by the platform, the language barrier was found to be a significant factor preventing many people from using the website. The company decided to look for unique solutions in the field of artificial intelligence that will effectively translate the content displayed on the website, taking into account the uniqueness and complexity of the Polish language. This will make it easier for users to search for offers and enable contact in Polish on the seller-buyer line.

The beginnings of the dm pharmacy

On April 21, dm pharmacy opened its first store in Wrocław, in the Galaktyka shopping center. On May 5, the store in Jelenia Góra opens. Will the new network threaten market tycoons?

Admittedly, the parapharmacy’s pricing policy promises to be interesting, carried out in accordance with the slogan “Always profitable”, which gives customers the guarantee of a sustainable price, always favorable, without waiting for promotions. This concept is also the trademark of a retailer in other countries.

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