Smart refrigerator, oven or washing machine – the IoT is starting to reign in our homes

Smart fridge sounds weird, but no less weird than a smart oven or a washing machine. A few years ago, hardly anyone suspected that the IoT market would grow so rapidly. And although it is not yet a standard in many homes, more and more often there are products that can be combined into a single network and managed from a smartphone.

Smart refrigerator, which is what?

Samsung Family Hub

When choosing equipment for the kitchen, you can do different things. For some, the appearance of the device itself will be important, and for others, its energy efficiency will be in the first place. Let’s face it, price is also one of the most important factors here. There are also many others, and recently we can join them. This is the ability to connect the equipment to the Internet. The IoT, or Internet of Things, is something that is not yet very common in our homes, but is slowly changing. A network of devices that communicate with each other and can be managed from anywhere sounds like science fiction. Today we can ask ourselves if a smart refrigerator is within our financial reach and do we really need it?

A smart refrigerator itself can be useful. This has been proven by Samsung in the Family Hub model, where you can watch what is happening on the bedroom TV on the device screen. In addition, there are also notes that can be sent directly from the refrigerator to the smartphone. You could say that these are little things that you can’t do without on a daily basis, but they are nevertheless practical.. Of course, if you have the right devices at home that can be combined.

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We not only have smart refrigerators on the market, but also washing machines, ovens and, of course, televisions. More and more things are happening around us and it will only be a matter of time when such solutions will become our daily life. Over time, the prices for such equipment will have to come down as the solution becomes mainstream.

Samsung Family Hub
Samsung Family Hub

Home equipment – what to choose?

Is it really smart when choosing home appliances? Of course, it all depends on what matters most to us. A fridge doesn’t have to be smart, and not all models can be. The simplest example here is a built-in refrigerator, which simply does not offer such functions. At least not yet, which does not mean that such a device will be useless. Modern built-in refrigerators can be extremely energy efficient or equipped with features that allow you to store food longer.

The situation is similar with other household appliances. Modern washing machines that don’t have the ability to connect to the internet don’t have to be the “worst”. However, if we decide to create a Smart Home, it is worth considering the purchase of household appliances that can be combined with each other. You can see that this is the future, because even in Android 11 the possibility of better and faster management of devices connected to the Smart Home has been introduced. Although not yet to the point that everything can be “grabbed” from one point, this is slowly continuing.

Samsung refrigerators
Samsung picture

Advantages and disadvantages

Connecting devices together in a single network, transferring information between them and managing them can make everyday life much easier. Of course, there are also limitations or issues associated with it. Everything works fine as long as you have a good and stable internet connection at home. True, devices without a network connection will also work, but not to the supposed extent. However, these are rather individual cases, since usually people who decide to buy a device with network access know what they are signing.

The Internet of Things is not yet as popular as producers would like, but it is set to change. It will probably take a long time until every house has appliances that can be combined with each other. The internet is our constant companion at work or play, and now is the time to take the next step.

Source: own study, Samsung

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