Tesla AI Day 2021 – live coverage. Dojo D1 Chip, Dojo Supercomputer, Tesla Bot, FSD HW4.0 in Cybertruck

On Friday August 20, the Tesla AI 2021 took place. Below you will find live coverage of the event with the most important information provided during it. The report was saved hot, so errors may appear in it – we will try to rewrite and correct everything on Friday, during the day. Live AI Day 2021 can be viewed HERE.

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Tesla AI Day 2021 – what happened


The presentation was very technical. The two most understandable products were the Dojo D1 processor as the building block of the Dojo computer and the Tesla Bot, a robot with an integrated FSD computer. In the question and answer session, there was information about FSD v2 (2nd generation FSD computer), the HW4.0 platform to launch in Cybertruck next year and will be about 4 times faster than the current version.

Below is a list of other important messages we managed to capture:

Andrew Karpathy

  • FSD computers operate in vector space (vector space),
  • Tesla’s job is to create an equivalent of the brain, an organ that sees and recognizes the world. It’s exactly how we described it just 5 days ago -> Tesla’s artificial intelligence doesn’t just learn. She just makes a virtual motor organ,
  • FSD works on many levels, it has neurons that process both details in a small area, as well as large areas, context,
  • HydraNets – there are many networks that take care of various tasks in parallel, for example, recognition of sidewalks,

  • a big problem was to convert the raster images from the cameras into a vector space in which the car is visualized,
  • images from all cameras are processed using an additional filter, additional calibration (virtual camera) which unifies the image,
  • the artificial intelligence has memory frames with a duration of 27 milliseconds (0.027 s), it also uses the appearance of the world to orient itself; is able to record new knowledge in historical data in order to improve it,
  • in an exemplary lane change, the car is able to estimate 2,500 trajectories in 1.5 milliseconds to choose the best one,
  • a significant problem was the labeling of objects in the image; people were doing the job slowly so they used software and recordings from many different cars to do this server side offline operation,

  • automatic labeling takes place in the simulation of the world, in which it is possible not only to map the world, but also to significantly change its parameters. There are also over 3,200 US roads in the simulation,
  • simulations are made based on car recordings,

  • the test computer consists of, among other things, from 3,000 FSD computers,
  • Tesla is open to licensing its software, although it won’t give it away for free,
  • FSD is formed on films from all over the world, but it started with the United States because Tesla is headquartered there,
  • the virtual world is mapped with centimeter precision, this should be the precision of the FSD computer.

Project Dojo, Dojo D1 processor, Dojo boards, ExaPOD

  • in a supercomputer, it is easy to increase computing power, but it is very difficult to reduce latency and increase throughput,
  • the chip used in the Dojo has a TDP of 400 W, which means that it can consume a maximum of 400 W,
  • it is meant to be the computing equivalent of a GPU, flexible like a regular CPU,

  • The Dojo consists of 500,000 (!) Dojo D1 processors,
  • a drive plate consists of 25 Dojo D1 cores integrated with power systems,
  • a PCB has 9 petaflops of computing power and a cooling system with a power of 15 kW (!),
  • … and such a table already exists, has been created:

  • thanks to such plates, the fastest AI training computer in the world is to be created, which will be both smaller and more energy efficient,
  • The Dojo supercomputer is expected to be ready next year, 2022.

Tesla Bot – Tesla as the world’s largest robotics company

  • Tesla Bot prototype next year,
  • will be weak and slow so that you can escape,
  • will create a whole new problem: what will happen when the world no longer lacks manual workers?

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