Testing of the flagship AD102 graphics processor has reportedly begun. Here’s everything we know about the GeForce RTX 4000

We are officially launching a new, constantly updated entry into next-generation NVIDIA graphics cards. In this article, we’ll share everything we know about the GeForce RTX 4000, updating it regularly whenever important information flows around the world about these models. That’s why today we’ve rounded up all the RTX 4000 details that have emerged so far, and we’re touching on memory, GPUs, and the release date itself.

The GeForce RTX 4090’s advertised performance explains the huge energy appetite [02.05]

So far, NVIDIA’s next-gen graphics cards have received a lot of comments, mainly due to their huge power consumption and unofficial specs. Today we are adding to the group of this information some new information on what the performance of the GeForce RTX 4090 will look like.

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We know almost everything about the GeForce RTX 4090 unofficially. This graphics card will reach the slightly limited AD102 graphics processor produced with the use of not 5N, but 4N of the TSMC technological process (5 nm improvements in terms of energy efficiency in particular). According to the latest reports, the Ada Lovelace architecture innovations combined with a significant increase in the number of CUDA cores (up to even 18,432) will together deliver over 100 TFLOPS of power.

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This means that their performance will be 2.5 times better than the 40 TFLOPS offered by the RTX 3090 Ti and 2.8 times better than what the RTX 3090 offers. However, this will automatically improve your gaming performance. It is also responsible for the question of memory, technology or units created with DLSS and ray tracing in mind.

Testing of the flagship AD102 graphics processor has reportedly begun [20.04]

Officially, we know nothing about NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 graphics cards, but thanks to leaks and information from, among others, Kopite7kimi, we are learning more and more about them from unofficial sources. According to the latest rumors, NVIDIA is already testing the flagship AD102 GPU, which will power the GeForce RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 cards as still monolithic GPUs.

At this time, it’s unclear if NVIDIA has introduced Ada Lovelace GPUs into mass production yet, but according to old reports, it could be soon, as early as mid-2022. The systems currently being tested are therefore probably early samples, which will certainly provide us with a lot of information in terms of leaks in the coming weeks. Thus, the systems tested here may be early samples.

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According to new information, NVIDIA may also be tempted to use GDDR6X memory with 24 Gb/s transfer in the flagship RTX 4090 model, which will exceed the current 21 Gb/s used in the RTX 3090 Ti model, providing much more of 1 TB/s. s of overall bandwidth on the same level of VRAM.

Ada Lovelace’s cores appeared on HWiNFO [23.03]

We’re several months away from the official premiere of the GeForce RTX 4000 (we’ll see it this fall), but we already know a lot about the cards that make up this family. Especially after the latest leak from HWiNFO in version 7.21 Build 4275, which confirmed the previously unreliable reports as being the result of leaked or stolen data.

In the vast majority of cases, it is certain that if something appears in HWiNFO, it will debut sooner or later. The update mentions the names of the five Ada Lovelace GPUs as AD102, AD103, AD104, AD106, and AD107. We’ve heard about it before, and if NVIDIA keeps the current nomenclature (it’s more than certain), these GPUs will drive models ranging from the base GeForce RTX 4050 to the flagship RTX 4090/4090 Ti.

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If you’re curious about what’s behind each ADXXX GPU, be sure to read the information below that we gathered for you earlier. You’ll not only learn the estimated specs, but also the potentially huge leap in performance of the RTX 4000 over the current RTX 3000.

GeForce RTX 4000 release dates

Let’s start quickly and succinctly, from the very premiere date of NVIDIA’s next-gen cards. According to unofficial information, these will debut in the second half of 2022, more precisely in the third quarter (July-September), as is usually the case with the company. Pricing for individual models should remain unchanged from the current family’s MSRP, but that’s even more information to be taken with a grain of salt.

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NVIDIA prepares GeForce RTX 3050, GeForce RTX 3050, GeForce RTX 3050 4 GB, GA107 GeForce RTX 3050,

Which Ada-based GPUs will go with the GeForce RTX 4000 NVIDIA? A jump from Pascal to Maxwell

TSMC’s 5nm technology and an all-new architecture, paying homage to mathematician Ada Lovelace – here is the brief summary of the new ADXXX GPUs. Their comparison based on Turing, Ampere and Ada architectures reveals that NVIDIA is going to make huge changes from scratch. You can see that the company will increase the number of SM Compute Units (CUDA core clusters) even more than before, which in the flagship AD102 core is expected to reach up to 144. This is an increase of a good 71%, while the difference between TU102 and GA102, that is, the previous flagship with mainstream cores, it reached almost 17% (72 vs 84 SM).

It’s also worth noting that NVIDIA plans to split GPUs into different flavors with traditionally different CUDA cores. We’re talking about the AD102, AD103, AD104, AD106 and AD107, and the comparison itself directly reveals that the current flagship GA102 will match the “top of the range” AD103. In turn, the difference between the AD102 and AD103 is so huge that for the first time we will see such a leap in performance potential between two GPUs so closely related.

GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, RTX 3070 Ti 16GB

In practice, this will make the GeForce RTX 4090 outperform the RTX 3090 by up to 110% in “on paper” performance, and the RTX 4070 with its 10,752 CUDA cores by up to 30%. The RTX 4060 will match the performance level of the RTX 3080, and the gap between the RTX 4090 and RTX 4070 will be confidently bridged by the RTX 4080 with an appropriately limited AD102 core.

GDDR memory in GeForce RTX 4000 – GDDR6X or GDDR7?

According to the latest leaks, NVIDIA will play an interesting game in the GeForce RTX 4000 memory arena. It will initially choose GDDR6X controllers as part of the first graphics card revision, but over time (potentially as an expansion) , it will upgrade to GDDR7. Memory. This makes sense, because currently GDDR6X memory is not yet fully utilized, and the RTX 3090 Ti flagship is to “only” use 21 Gb/s modules, although their full potential is pegged at 24 Gb/s. On the other hand, GDDR7 will offer up to 32 Gb/s and real-time error protection technology, which will bring into play up to 1.5 TB/s of bandwidth in the case of a 384 bit bus.

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  • GeForce RTX 4090 (AD102): 24 GB of memory
  • GeForce RTX 4080 (AD102): 20 GB of memory
  • GeForce RTX 4070 (AD103): 16 GB of memory
  • GeForce RTX 4060 Ti (AD103): 16 GB of memory
  • GeForce RTX 4060 (AD104): 12 GB of memory

GeForce RTX 4000 cache memory NVIDIA has prepared an answer to the AMD Infinity Cache?

According to the leaks, NVIDIA is preparing a response to AMD’s Infinity Cache technology. Unofficial information indicates that the AD000 graphics processors will be equipped with up to 96 MB of second-level cache, which is not a dozen, but 90 MB more than the Ampere family GPU.

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This means that instead of 512 KB L2 cache bridges on 32-bit buses, AD000 GPUs will have up to 16 MB on 64-bit buses. This means the flagship AD102 will have 96MB of L2 cache, the weaker AD103 and AD104 64MB each, and the AD106 and AD107 48 and 32MB respectively.

GeForce RTX 4000 Series TDP Levels

According to the latest information, instead of the 800 watt flagship, we should expect a maximum of 600 watts from the RX 4090. In practice, the power consumption should be as follows:

  • GeForce RTX 4090 (AD102): TDP: 450-600 watts
  • GeForce RTX 4080 (AD102): TDP: 350-450 watts
  • GeForce RTX 4070 (AD103): TDP: 250-350 watts
  • GeForce RTX 4060 Ti (AD103): TDP: 250-300 watts
  • GeForce RTX 4060 (AD104): TDP: 180-250 watts
Alleged GeForce RTX 3090 Ti on PCIe 5.0, GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, RTX 3090 Ti

The power consumption of these cards is synonymous with the need to abandon traditional power connectors for the next generation (PCIe 5.0). Thanks to them, instead of 150 watts, a single connection will be able to supply up to 600 watts, but there will also be less impressive connectors with a power of 150, 300 and 450 watts for weaker models.

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