The new PlayStation Plus is coming! Which offer do you choose?

The price itself is also not much different from the current price. 37 PLN per monththat is to say, 100 for three months and 240 to be paid annually. Of course, I suspect that the promotions themselves will mean that we can buy this subscription for 12 months for only two hundred dollars, so … Well, an ideal option for those who do not intend to change what whatever and who just need what has happened in recent years.

So who is it for? As I mentioned – for those who love what is now. For those who don’t need anything more, and the subscription is not paid for games, but for playing the most important titles (like FIFA or Call of Duty) throughout the year in multiplayer . These people don’t need to spend more on headphones because they’ll just never use it. It would be a waste of money and it makes no sense.

Additional PlayStation Plus

The intermediate package is subtitled “Extra”, and in fact I assume nicely describes an upgrade to the basic formula PlayStation Plus. Why? First of all, thanks to access to a large catalog of games from PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It will in fact be something most reminiscent of the competitive Xbox Game Pass (excluding early compatibility).

PlayStation Plus

The prices themselves also seem to indicate this, and they’re closer to a premium package than the base one. In a month we will have to earn 58 zlotys, for a quarter of 165 PLN, and in the case of an annual subscription, you will need to access your bank account for four free bets. A lot? Compared to the lowest bid, almost twice as much. In two words – a lot indeed.

On the other hand… The aforementioned Game Pass costs 55 PLN per month, so we’re not talking about a big difference. Of course, the fundamental question will be the size of the promised catalog (it will dictate the profitability). If it comes to dozens of Cossack games and a little smaller, let me predict success. So who will be interested? Again, I will go in the direction of clairvoyance and find that the vast majority of players.

PlayStation Plus Premium

And finally the highest formula. Prime. Well, it is indeed “premium” in the full sense of the word. After all, the offer has the right to make an impression, and you can be sure that after subscribing you will not be bored. We pay here to occupy our free time and PlayStation will do a great job. As soon as the offer they promise kicks in, I’m sure everything will be fine.

PS Plus Logo

Why? We are going to get test versions of games, a catalog of classic productions from old Sony consoles, and even streaming, which we have been waiting for so long. The biggest downside here is the price. We are talking about 70 PLN per month, 200 on three, and in the case of one year almost 500 PLN (480 to be exact). Pessimistic – a huge amount. Optimist – the price of 1.5 games on PlayStation 5.

Who should be interested in this? First of all, people who have a lot of free time and a great desire to catch up with old classics. If you do not confirm any of these options, it makes no sense to delve into them. I am convinced that even with a cheaper subscription it will be possible to manage free days properly – here you probably don’t have to do absolutely anything but play. The catalog can make you dizzy, there’s no doubt about it.


As a conclusion, let me share my thoughts with you – well… I’ll probably bet on PlayStation Plus Premium initially, but for a maximum of three months. And it will only be a purchase to test how it all flies in our country and how much it is really worth the price (I’ll probably scratch something about it then). We know that in practice many surprises can arise.

However, if I had to choose which version I will pay for forever, I would go for Extra. I am convinced that with my free time and the short periods of my life, when I can play something for pleasure and not for duty, it is enough. And so let’s talk about a high price per month or per year. Which, however, is not done out of love. And we all love this industry.

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