They pressed macOS on me. How stupid is this system!

Recently I joined the happy group of macOS users. As an unrepentant elevator operator, one thing intrigues me: why is this system so stupid and thoughtless?

Apparently, there are only two types of people in the world: those who love Apple and those who prefer freedom. For years I belonged to the latter group, but since environmental pressure is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, it is finally time for me to change sides.

Specifically, I mean the pressure from our editor, who got me a computer job brand new Mac Mini with M1 processor. Of course, it’s not just a whim. As my job is increasingly associated with processing large amounts of photos and editing video, my existing laptop was increasingly a bottleneck in the whole process. As you can see, disappearing for half a day on the pretext that “the film is exported” proved to be a little too effective.

But kidding, even if I hadn’t been forced to switch to Mac, sooner or later I probably would have made a similar decision myself. The M1 processor is too strong an argument to simply minimizeand, unfortunately, there is no sensible alternative on the Windows side of the fence.

Back to illiteracy

So it happened that a small silver box landed under my monitor. The transfer, as you can easily guess, was not easy. At last I’ve been using Windows for over twenty years. In turn, the last time I had closer contact with macOS was about ten years ago. Suffice it to say that a lot has changed since then.

But it wasn’t the updated interface and new features that turned out to be the biggest surprise for me. No no! My first shock therapy was keyboard shortcuts. You know, one of the little things you don’t think about before a transfer. However, you don’t think of because although each system has its own specific shortcuts, their core and the logic behind them are generally very similar – it doesn’t matter if we are talking about Windows, Linux or Android.

But not macOS. Apple had to solve this problem in its own way and, with full consent, having developed its system for over 40 years, they have the right to do so. But why is all of this so counter-intuitive?

Do you want to enter the folder by clicking Enter? Ha, forget it! This way you can only rename it. How to open a catalog then? Use the Alt + Down Arrow shortcut. Logical, right? The same goes for deleting files, where instead of pressing Delete – as in any normal system – we have to use the Alt + Backspace combination. And for the person who invented typing accented characters with the Start key, I really wanted to break his fingers for a while. Maybe then she would understand what it was.

It’s a trivial thing, but you know – I can use Windows practically without letting go of the keyboard. After switching to a Mac, I feel like a computer illiterate learning again. Of course, it will pass, but this forced rehabilitation is a real torture – and for what? So that Apple can do things its own way? Or maybe not to facilitate the transfer in the other direction, from Mac to Windows? Because I can’t find any reason that isn’t cynical.

What? It’s not here !?

He hit me too some obvious solutions are missingwhich can be found in virtually every other popular system. Clipboard memory? Lack. At the moment, we only have access to the last element copied. Window management? Does not exist. You can divide the work area in two in full screen mode and that’s it. But what could be done with a shortcut? Or snapping windows to the edge of the screen? Such miracles are not here.

I mean, not out of the box, because the app store has apps that allow you to avoid both problems. It’s just that we have to find such apps first. And pay, because no one will provide such handy tools for free, right? By the way, I am not even surprised by the creators of such applications. But my wife is surprised, she looks at me like an idiot, because I paid 50 PLN for the ability to draw windows to the edge of the screen. Frankly? I understand it perfectly.

Oh, and I would almost forget the biggest hit – the lack of native support for the MTP protocol. What does it mean? Well that’s it the system does not see any Android smartphone that I connect to it. No&period. You have to download an external application, which, by the way, is not particularly stable. Well, but that makes sense – who normally uses macOS and doesn’t have an iPhone, just a bad phone with Android?

Every monster…

However, I will not hide that despite these idiocy extravagance, there are also things that surprised me very positively in macOS. Oh, even if only much more freedom than with other Apple products left in the hands of the user. I didn’t think I’d find options to reindex nearly all keyboard shortcuts and be able to change my default web browser without any issues. And yet – these options are not even particularly deeply hidden.

As well consistency of local interface and system applications it’s a nice change after the conglomeration of more or less successful ideas that Windows has stuck around for several versions. The fact that this is an aspect of macOS I’ll have to bite into, but first impressions are very positive.

They pressed macOS on me.  How stupid is this system!

And guess what? Overall, I like using this Mac. The interface is well thought out, all the applications I use daily are at my fingertips, and when working with multimedia, it turns into a real rocket. And all this with power consumption and work culture at the level of the smartphone, not of an efficient workstation.

So hey…I still think macOS is dumb, but plucked can be loved.

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