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The Poviat Police Headquarters in Inowrocław, the Poviat Family Assistance Center – Crisis Intervention Center and the Galeria Solna in Inowrocław worked together to support young people. The project “OUR VOICE – I AM, I LOVE, I TRUST, I FEEL” was created. Difficult times have marked them, which, left to their own devices, bodes very badly now and for the future. – We do not leave young people alone with the problem – say the organizers of the project.

A joint project entitled “OUR VOICE – I AM, I LOVE, I TRUST, I FEEL” was planned over several months, from March to June 2022. This prophylactic action includes many activities that the organizers have prepared for young people.

Aspic. pcs Izabella Drobiecka: – The police are seeing a decline in interest among children and adolescents when it comes to actively spending free time. A laptop in hand, a mobile phone are things that not only take their time, but also their head. The police are aware of cases of intervention caused by attacks transferred from the computer not only towards peers, but also towards members of the household or teachers. Young people get lost and then commit punishable acts or demoralizing behavior. Alcohol, drugs and synthetic drugs are also often involved. Therefore, we alert parents to take a closer look at their children. It is never too late to act and help.

Ms. Alicja Szemczak, head of the crisis intervention center of the Inowrocław County Family Assistance Center: – The last few years have been a time of uncertainty that has affected young people. Since the pandemic, we are seeing more and more suicide attempts among adolescents and children, depression and anxiety. Many young people are alone with their problems, their misunderstandings, their regrets. Although they are on the threshold of adulthood, they still need adult attention and care, even if they don’t always show it clearly. Young people often remain locked behind computers in four walls of rooms, they become depressed. Participation in such workshops is a chance for young people to get out of the hole, to do something creative, to discover a new passion.

Ms. Emilia Iwanownicz-Czerwińska Director of Galeria Solna in Inowrocław: – Young people are an important part of the local community. This is an important group, so this project must be a vote in the hands of young people. The first part of the project was a two-day graffiti workshop. Classes were taught by the co-author of many large format murals and paintings, Bartek MrPainOne Bujanowski. With him, a group of 15 young people prepared the concept of the painting and the next day they took him outside. This is how the work was created, which shows a laptop with an eagle and next to it the inscription “freedom”. This is how young people have shown it: we are tired of a pandemic that has limited us. The graffiti can also be interpreted, as the young people themselves said, in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

What else in the project?
A film with the participation of young people has already been produced. She was the one who spoke about her world, what “hurts” her, what can be helped, what the pandemic and war have taken from her, and how she is dealing with uncertain times. The following projects have also been implemented or will soon be implemented within the framework of the project:

  • graffiti on the screens of the gallery and a photo session and exhibition with portraits of young people,
  • rhythm creation workshops,
  • an art competition for district school children under the same title as the project,
  • event,
  • adult conference.

Admit it’s interesting?

Below is an interview with Ms. Alicja Szemczak, head of the crisis intervention center of the Inowrocław County Family Assistance Center. Aspic. Izabella Drowniecka pieces:

1. What does the slogan “Our Voice – I Am, Love, Trust, Feel” mean?
Every child, just like an adult, needs closeness to their loved ones. The little man misses, worries, lives. These are the feelings that accompany those who love. Loving means so much that no one can define it, because it is something so deep and individual that it cannot be expressed in words except by saying “I love”. This is perfectly illustrated by the quote from “Winnie the Pooh” – “Winnie, when you spell LOVE – Piglet asks, Piglet, LOVE is not written, LOVE can be felt”. Young people trust that those they love will not let them down, wish them good luck, understand them. They are convinced that they will protect them from what is bad. Our children have emotions and feelings, they feel when they are loved and understood, but also when they are not loved. I am, that is, I experience, feel, understand and need.

1. Why now the idea of ​​caring for children, what are the observations of the center?
The Crisis Intervention Center has always undertaken activities aimed at helping minors, but the time of the pandemic has shown how the huge costs of Lockdawn are borne by children. All of us, adults and children, until 2020 were convinced that it was pretty good, we had plans related to studies, work and hobbies. We had goals that suddenly crumbled, and instead there was fear, uncertainty. It turned out that we had no control over a lot of things, everything turned out to be fragile. Unfortunately, the time of the pandemic has shown that there are families whose members do not really know each other, do not understand each other and cannot be together. Home confinement revealed that relationships and family ties can be very fragile. Also, not all young people could cope with limitations, uncertainty and difficulty. Since last year, we observe that more and more young people are in a depressed mood. Aggressive, destructive and self-destructive behaviors escalate. Depressive disorders often result from feelings of anxiety and tension. Worryingly, many children have attempted suicide or have suicidal thoughts. All of this has led us to decide to give young people a voice so that they can express their needs and expectations vis-à-vis the adult world, tell us what bothers them.

2. How has the pandemic affected children’s lives?
Social relationships have a significant impact on a young person’s life, they are a source of support, understanding and well-being. Limiting contact and isolation have a detrimental effect on psychophysical well-being. The epidemiological situation has caused the occurrence of depressive and anxiety disorders. The children worried about their parents, relatives and friends, they lived their dilemmas which could be a source of anxiety. Chronic stress, anxiety and a feeling of helplessness undoubtedly have a negative impact on the social development of the youngest.

3. Who is to blame for the “harvest” we are reaping?
We have no right to talk about anyone’s fault. None of us had any influence on the pandemic. The pandemic has likely escalated and revealed issues in families that likely existed before. The limitations that affected us showed that not all parents know their children and cannot talk to them. After all, how often after returning from school do young people hear the question and what is it at school, did you get a grade? Few people ask you how you feel, how was your day, what can I do for you, do you want to talk? Each parent must accompany the child on the path to adulthood, be his guide. J. Korczak said: “A child has the right to be himself, he has the right to make mistakes. He has the right to have his own opinion. He has the right to respect” and that every adult should remember.

4. Why is the partnership of institutions so important in the project?
Each institution has different working tools. Integrated entity activities are much more likely to achieve the goal of effective prevention and relief. The Crisis Intervention Center most often cooperates with the police and social welfare units, and the current project “Our voice – I am, I love, I trust, I feel” is carried out with the participation of the Inowrocław Police and Galeria Solna. Thanks to the fact that we were able to join forces and abilities, we set up a wonderful project in which we gave voice to young people following the thought of J. Korczak, “A child has the right to treat his affairs seriously , consider them fairly”.

5. What objective can be achieved through this project?
The main objective of our activity is to make adults aware of the needs of our children. Parents and children have a natural bond, but that doesn’t always mean closeness and a deep relationship. Children not only want to be heard but also want to be heard. For this to happen, adults must first “see” them. Our dream is that today’s young people will become “healthy adults” in the future, that they will be good partners, spouses, parents and employees. Just that they should be decent, sensitive, open to others. For this to happen, we need to surround them with love, understanding and create a safe world for them. Let us remember that: “Children – They are people, Child – They are men.”

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