VIII edition of the “Sustainable Economy Summit” conference in May in Warsaw

SES 2022

The VIII edition of the “Sustainable Economy Summit” conference will be held on May 30 and 31 in Warsaw.

During the event organized, among others Under the patronage of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, as well as the United Nations Global Compact Network in Poland, outstanding experts from the world of science and business will discuss the implementation and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of global business. than local initiatives.

During 2 days of round tables, we will address the following topics:

  1. Climate neutral
  2. Circular economy
  3. Renewable energy sources
  4. Sustainable construction
  5. Financing green investments
  6. Corporate social responsibility

The conference brings together business representatives from many sectors of the economy, as well as many government organizations, non-profit organizations and representatives of academic universities.

In addition to the panel discussions, special guests will also deliver keynote speeches:

Kamil Wyszkowski – Director of the UN Global Compact Network in Poland – UN Secretary-General’s initiative. An expert in the field of UN and EU policies, in particular in the area of ​​activities at the interface between business and administration and involving the private sector in the implementation of the objectives and standards of ONU. Specialist in development cooperation, multilateral cooperation, knowledge transfer. As a UN employee dealing with economic diplomacy, social and economic innovation, social economy and development leap design. At the international level, he is involved in strengthening cooperation between representatives of the Global Compact Initiative in countries in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Africa and the Middle East in areas such as anti-corruption measures, innovation at the interface between science and trade and transport corridors, with a particular focus on the Baltic Sea basin. Specialist and practitioner of development aid, multilateral cooperation and knowledge transfer.

Teacher. Guy Standing – British professor, social scientist, economist, development researcher. Graduated from the University of Sussex (BA), the University of Illinois (MA) and the University of Cambridge (PhD). He works as a professor at the University of London, is one of the co-founders of the Basic Income Earth Network. Author of numerous publications, including Work after Globalization: Building Professional Citizenship (2009), Prekariat. Nowa Dangerous Class (2014, Polish edition 2018) The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers Thrive and Work Does Not Pay. London: Biteback.and the book “Basic Income. How We Can Make It Work” (Polish edition 2021).


Teacher. Witold Orłowski – Member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Council. Founder of the Independent Center for Economic Research NOBE, Chief Economic Advisor of PwC Poland, lecturer in the field of macroeconomics, author of numerous books and scientific publications in this field. Since 2003 he has been the director of the Business School at the Warsaw University of Technology. He is the author of numerous books, author or co-author of more than 100 scientific publications (published in Poland, USA, Great Britain, France, Austria and Germany), author of more than 50 publications in the Polish press and co-author of 4 World Bank Reports.

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Source: Executive Club

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