Where does conformism come from and what are its types?

A conformist is a person who has no personal opinion and changes views due to the actual influence of the environment or own ideas about it. A person behaving in this way submits to the values, rules, norms or characteristics of other people belonging to a given social group. You have to remember conformism is a change in behaviorto meet environmental expectations.

The Polish Language Dictionary (PWN) states that conformism is the uncritical assumption of certain norms or values ​​as one’s own. The change can concern both the interests and the way of speaking, the style of dress, certain habits or even the use of stimulants. However, this is not a deliberate procedure. Its shape is influenced by education or certain motifs borrowed from the family home. Conformity has been studied for many years by specialists in fields such as psychology and sociology.

Conformism and opportunism – how do they differ?

An opportunist is a person who consciously adapts his behavior to his environment. Above all – he does not follow any rules that he considers constant in his life, but his behavior changes depending on current events. Most often, he chooses the best and most advantageous solutions for him at the moment. Opportunism is nothing more than a moral attitude characterized by the pursuit of applause from the crowd. A man acting in this way is therefore able to do a lot to obtain immediate benefits.

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