Work has its great dignity

Human labor has its great dignity, it is not only an economic necessity, without which we would not be able to satisfy our vital needs – wrote the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda in a letter to those gathered in Wawel Cathedral in Krakow on National Labor Day Sunday.

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The President expressed his gratitude to the Małopolska Regional Assembly for the initiative to establish a National Labor Day on May 1. “It is significant that it is Małopolska who cultivates the Christian spirit and our national work with such diligence,” Andrzej Duda wrote in a letter read by Presidential Minister Wojciech Kolarski. The president pointed out that the ancient capital “has the roots of many of our important economic and civilizational achievements, achieved through persistent labor in the material, intellectual and spiritual fields.”

In the letter, also published on the website of the Presidential Chancellery, we read that work is one of the most important means of human fulfillment and that all the achievements of humanity are mainly based on work. “Human work has its great dignity, it is not only an economic necessity, without the realization of which we would not be able to satisfy our vital needs. It is also, or perhaps above all, creativity, improvement of our world, building social ties for the common good” – wrote the president.

As he recalled, John Paul II teaches that “work is the fundamental dimension of human existence on earth”. The believer is inspired by the awareness that – we read in the letter – human work is an imitation of the work of the Divine Creator.

Labor Day tradition

In the letter, the president recalled that the tradition of Labor Day in Poland dates back to 1890 – then, on May 1, the International Day of Solidarity of Workers was celebrated for the first time. A year later, economic demands have also become an expression of aspirations for independence. “Successive generations of workers in our country have dreamed and demanded that the dignity of their labor be appreciated, and that well-organized and rewarded work can give a sense of fulfillment” – reads one.

As the president pointed out, communism “apparently revered the value of labor, but in fact preached class struggle, destroyed social order, and made the worker an innumerable cog in the totalitarian machine.” “We remember the facade of the parades of May Day, when the dignitaries of the regime dominated the heights of the bleachers, and the working people, the real heroes of these celebrations, paraded below”, wrote Andrzej Duda and noted that “the feast of the labour, a holiday with a profoundly universal and humanistic message, was appropriated by communism”, and “the Catholic celebration of the feast of Józef the artisan on May 1st became the counterweight to the farce of propaganda”.

The president pointed out that Labor Day is adjacent to May 3, Constitution Day. “In this coincidence of dates, one can find a significant symbol. It says that great historical events like the Constitution of May 3 have always been accompanied by a matrix of sacrificial, patient, daily work. That the achievements of a nation are not only due to spectacular flashes when the clock of history is rapidly speeding up, but they are also the result of daily and persistent toil. Just as important as the patriotism of heroic struggle and sacrifice is construction patriotism, economic patriotism and labor patriotism “- we read in the letter.

According to the President, the Labor Day community message is important. “Each of us performs the work individually, but cooperation, a judicious and harmonious combination of efforts is almost always necessary to create a synergistic effect beneficial to all” – he writes. He also believed that “even the most serious dilemmas, not spared by the economic reality of the 21st century, can be resolved in a spirit of dialogue, mutual respect, justice and responsible compromise” (PAP).

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