2022 cycling trends according to OLX data

The last few years have been very good for the bicycle industry. First, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the demand for independent physical activity performed outdoors. In addition, many people wanted to give up public transport. At the same time, our society’s environmental awareness has grown (and continues to grow), which further increases the willingness to switch from combustion vehicles to bicycles. As a result, the 2020 and 2021 seasons have become industry records in terms of sales..

A gigantic increase in the production and sale of bicycles

Out of curiosity, it should be mentioned that Poland, which is the fourth largest bicycle producer in the European Union, produced as many as 119,000 bicycles in May 2020 alone. According to GUS data, this was up to 171.3% more compared to April 2020. However, it can be assumed that such a large increase was also caused by the fact that not all factories were operating at full throttle at the start of the pandemic. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the growth was gigantic anyway. May was a period of exceptionally increased production. And as can be seen from the discussions at the time, which we as an editorial office had with Polish producers, the production was huge, at the same time still lower than the demand, because the component suppliers could not keep up with the supply of parts.

OLX plans further growth

We are currently struggling with high inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices. OLX, however, predicts a further increase in bike interest and sales. According to experts, the following years could bring up to 45% growth. It’s interesting because some producers are already talking about flattening the demand curve. After all, the market is already saturated, and since we are in crisis, there is less and less (free) money in the pockets of buyers.

We buy more and more bikes on the Internet

The pandemic has also strongly developed the e-commerce market and permanently changed the purchasing habits of Poles. According to the “E-commerce in Poland 2020” report prepared by Gemius together with the Chamber of Electronic Economy, up to 73% of respondents have made online purchases at least once. It is not surprising that we are also looking for bikes on the Internet more and more often.

OLX Service, by analyzing user traffic in the Bikes category, indicates a very dynamic growing interest in shopping in this department. OLX analysis shows that in March 2022 the category was visited by up to 85% more users than in February. The numbers are impressive, although they are also influenced by the seasonality of the bicycle industry, which still operates on a similar principle.. OLX adds that peak season for buying bikes on its website is May and June.

Mountain bike or electric bike?

“We are also seeing that our customers are presenting an ever-richer offer of electric bicycles, which are currently the most sought-after two-wheelers by users”

– says Paweł Starościak, responsible for key customers in the Sport and Hobby category at OLX.

Data on the interests of Polish consumers seem interesting. The most popular search terms for the Bikes category on OLX are: electric bike (searched more than 80,000 times in March 2022), MTB (30,000 times), as well as gravel or Kross expression. Equipment such as a bicycle seat or a bicycle trailer, which allows you to actively spend time with your family, are also very popular.

We are happy to search OLX

According to the data discussed one in ten Poles searches for sports equipment on OLX:

In March, for every ad posted on the site in the Bikes category, there were over 6,000 ad listing views and over 66 unique views of the ad itself. Every month, the Sport and Hobby category of the OLX site is visited by 4.3 million users (i.e. every 10 clusters), and the ads posted there receive up to 83,000 replies per day. Last year, the number of visitors to the Bikes category each month during the season exceeded 2 million users (OLX data).

Sales on the Internet are somehow comfortable, because after all, one can get acquainted with a given product in detail, without hurrying and without leaving home. In peak season, when bike showrooms are crowded, retailers may often not be able to serve all customers. The Internet then becomes an attractive alternative, giving you the opportunity to think carefully about the purchase you are considering.

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