A revolution in the labor market. 20% will disappear. professions

The fate of 7 out of 10 employees is uncertain, because if they will be needed, their job will change a lot. This will require a conversion. The Personnel Service’s “Polish Labor Market Barometer 2022” indicates that 44%. people want to learn new skills in the near future. They are more motivated to do so by losing their job as a result of automation by a loved one. 17% have experienced it. employee.

– The last two years bear witness to the dynamism of the labor market for all. The pandemic has made remote work popular, automation has grown, and employees and employers have demonstrated unprecedented flexibility. The war, on the other hand, reassessed the business and showed how to prioritize. Employees feel these changes in the labor market, they prepare for them and are ready to learn new skills. And as Pearson’s analysis shows, for 7 out of 10 professions, this will be critical. The changes will particularly affect low- and medium-skilled people, although this equation is not unambiguous. We will see declines, among others in administration or sales, but in the case of agriculture, crafts or construction, the trend is reversed. And that means you have to carefully monitor what changes and how – says Krzysztof Inglot, labor market expert, founder of Personnel Service SA.

The Pearson report* shows that technological changes and globalization mean that there will be no demand for administrative, secretarial and certain sales occupations (mainly in the retail trade). In addition, financial specialists who perform repetitive activities are unlikely to survive in the labor market. However, it is not about making people with lower or average skills disappear. There will be more job openings in the restaurant and hospitality professions in the future. This is the result of growing consumer demand. Handicrafts related to hairdressing, brewing and textiles will also develop.

In its analysis, Pearson predicts not only declines but also increases in demand. The social sector will develop. Education, health and the public sector are sectors that cannot be automated and are strongly influenced by demographic trends. Likewise, growth will be seen in the sports, fitness and therapy industries. Creative, digital, design and engineering professions are likely to grow, as are architects and green revolution specialists who will benefit from increased urbanization and interest in development. sustainable.

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Not only the pandemic, but also the war has changed a lot in the labor market, which makes employees reflect and motivates them to learn new skills. The Personnel Service’s “Polish Labor Market Barometer 2022” indicates that 44%. people declare their intention to learn new skills. The lack of motivation to acquire new knowledge and skills is 30%. employee. We are motivated to increase qualifications by accelerating automation – 17%. of employees know someone who lost their job in the past year as a result of the automation implemented in the company.

And what is worth learning to maintain its value in the job market? Pearson’s analysis identified several key skills. First of all, it is worth taking care of your interpersonal skills, which will become more important. Working in a team, the ability to find oneself in a diversified environment are assets that will be appreciated by any employer. Cognitive skills such as originality, creativity and active learning are also important. The last area concerns skills related to systems thinking – recognizing, combining facts, making decisions or analyzing facts.

– In the future, in addition to the specialized knowledge of employees related to their specific job, other skills corresponding to the needs of a changing company will also count. An employee who can look at market events and trends from a broader perspective, react and adapt flexibly, will better help the company keep up with changes. These are broad general knowledge, cognitive skills, systems thinking and creativity. This is how a man wins with a robot or an AI – summarizes Krzysztof Inglot.

* https://futureskills.pearson.com/research/assets/pdfs/technical-report.pdf

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