Battlefield 2042 Beta – servers fail, players criticize game scale and AI

October 6, 2021, 4:55 p.m.

author: Michał Clock “Maycuzai”

The network has been inundated with early reviews of the Battlefield 2042 open beta. Many are complaining about poor bot AI, oversized maps, frozen servers, and numerous – often hilarious – bugs and glitches.

Hype on Battlefield 2042 it lasts at its best – open beta games too. Our editorial team has already had the opportunity to check out the latest installment in action and commented on it very flatteringly, comparing its vibe to the legendary “three” and “four”. But not everyone shares this opinion. Reddit is full of player complaints about good gameplay, and also (by default) State waiters.

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As for the gameplay itself – players accuse it of lack of polish and haste in designing its mechanics. Many are disappointed by the lack of a significant leap in the visual layer compared to the last two parts, despite the premiere of the new generation of consoles (although it should be remembered here that the title is also last generation, that’s why it is graphically “limited” by them).

“My biggest problem is foot traffic. They all run like a wrecked Usain Bolt while the ADS moves at snail speed. I literally shot my character 80ft forward sliding down a cliff” – Comment by Reddit user Half-eaten_Torso.

There are also negative reviews for the interface (HUD). This one, although elegant, is not always readable and its markers like to blend in with the environment. In addition, strange solutions are noticeable, such as the constraint to choose a grenade before throwing it. The audio layer also leaves a lot to be desired, mainly due to overly quiet stages.

“Good points man, I particularly agree with the opinion on the HUD. It’s terrible, I have no idea which sector is who and where they are. The blue banner looks like a chopped download button with a virus on a porn site – originalgg user comment.

The biggest accusations, however, are related to bots. Apparently, these often stand still and just stare at the player, often crash into walls, fire their guns skyward, or cluster together aimlessly.. The size of the map isn’t to everyone’s taste either – it’s too big so you’re running around aimlessly most of the time, and the spawn points are poorly spaced. The guns lack any kind of “kick” compared to previous editions, and the introduction of dual-rendered sniper sights met with mixed reception. In turn, novelty in the form of a line with a bracket would be abused:

“You arrive in a conurbation and you see 20 Spider-Man clinging to everything. Lol,” pini0n wrote.

Additionally, there are glitches in the form of flickering shadows, an auto-fire weapon (“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”), a minimap showing dead enemies or parachutes placed under the feet of the players. The controls are also noticeable, especially when trying to “revive” your comrade-in-arms – the same action gets a button responsible for picking up weapons (an issue that dates back to the days of the last installment).

“I’ve been playing this series for Battlefield 1942, but it looks more like the first alpha release than the beta itself. Honestly, I’d be happy if the game was delayed for another 6 months because I don’t feel the classic vibe at all Battlefield. She’s funny, yes. But compared to previous titles, it looks like a Chinese F2P clone to me right now,” a Toraidoron user comments.

Still worth remembering it’s still beta and although there isn’t much time left until the game’s premiere – a lot can still change. Also, the reviews mentioned above are purely subjective and many other players speak very positively about the beta (with a grain of salt). Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19 on PC, Xboxie Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One and PS4.

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