Dental practice marketing – how to do it cheaply?

Commercialization in the medical industry is limited by relevant law and the Code of Medical Ethics. Online promotional activities are therefore quite a challenge. How to conduct marketing communication in the dental and dental industry with your head? How to do it at a lower cost?

Legal commercialization of the dental practice

Marketing of medical entities is limited by relevant law and the Code of Medical Ethics. The doctor cannot promote his services by encouraging patients and emphasizing the best quality of services rendered. In addition, the doctor cannot use his image for commercial purposes.

The image of a doctor can be created only on the basis of the results of his work. What does it mean? So how do you promote a medical practice online without breaking the law?

It is permissible to inform patients about the following issues:

  • Doctor’s first and last name
  • Professional title and university degree
  • Specializations and special powers
  • Contact details and place of admission
  • Availability schedule
  • List of prices for services with an indicated method of payment.

Are you worried about the amount of work that needs to be invested in marketing a medical practice and at the same time you don’t want to worry about the legal complexities regarding the promotion of medical entities? Take advantage of the ready solution which is Medfile EDM. It’s not just desktop software – it’s a great promotional tool. And the most important thing is that we take care of the promotion of your office.

Online promotion opportunities for dentists

If you want to do the marketing yourself, there are several so-called must-haves for promoting a medical practice. Remember that it is not enough for your website to contain the address of the establishment and a contact telephone number.

A modern website should also contain content related to medical personnel, qualifications and equipment. It’s also good to maintain a blog with educational and health-related content. From a technical point of view, it is important to be able to register for the visit online, without having to contact reception.

You can use the potential of social media and build a strong brand based on it. Communicate with your patients, for example via Facebook. Inform about the certificates or training obtained. Educate on health issues and related to your specialization.

Target group analysis in dental and dental industry

Choose a needs analysis of your target group. Patients are your target group. They are united by the need to take care of their health. What are their needs apart from a quality visit to the doctor?

For the purposes of the work on Medfile GED, a study was carried out by CBR BioStat®, which focused on the needs of customers in terms of contact with an institution or a specialist. Needs include:

  • Online registration for an appointment
  • Photos of office, equipment, team of specialists
  • Current contact details and admission hours
  • Ability to read reviews of doctors on the Internet

Medfile GED is not just desktop software

To meet the expectations of patients, we have created office software, which not only facilitates the management of employees and the practice, but also facilitates the process of patient registration.

In Medfile EDM, you can create an online calendar and registration for your patients and your online business card, through which you will build your personal brand on the Internet. Additionally, part of the Medfile EDM desktop software is the ability to use the telemedicine platform. Thanks to this, you can communicate with your patients not only in the practice, but also via chat, video chat or telephone.

Our team makes every effort to ensure that the domain is very well visible on the web. After entering a given disease, specialty or city in Google, we want our pages with doctors’ business cards to rank well. Therefore, we have focused on a national promotional range and excellent online visibility.

Promote for free by creating an account with Medfile GED

Each doctor who has an account in Medfile has the possibility to create an electronic business card, which will be visible in the domain. By completing the e-Showcase, the doctor can present his skills: specialization, certificates, training, diseases treated. You can post your biography and present your figure to patients.

Each e-business card contains a graphic, so the patient consulting a given profile can access appointment booking in one click.

Build a personal dentist and dentist brand at no extra cost

Another great means of promotion is the “Ask the doctor a question” section on the website. The patient asks a question which is then published on the telemedicine clinic’s website.

Any physician using Medfile EDM can answer the question. The doctor’s statement regarding the patient’s medical issue will be visible below the survey, and the reader will be able to go directly to booking a TV session with a doctor of their choice.

The section “Ask the doctor a question” is very well positioned in Google, so that the patient, by entering symptoms in a search engine, can access the section with questions and answers.

Remember, your statement should be substantial and polite, and you’ll attract new patients at no extra cost.

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