From the owner of a shop in Częstochowa to the head of an e-commerce giant

– Michał Świerczewski’s financial capacity is about twenty times greater than that of Darek Mioduski – former Legia co-owner Bogusław Leśnodorski said in the media recently, comparing the assets of two important figures in Polish football – the owner of x -kom and the former chairman of Kulczyk Investments.

While Dariusz Mioduski, the right-hand man of Harvard University graduate Jan Kulczyk, built his career incrementally, starting working in law firms in the 1990s, and in the new millennium developing various companies from the stables of the richest pole, Michał Świerczewski, a graduate in computer science from the Częstochowa University of Technology, he can only enter one element in his CV: president x-com. These two words, however, are enough to appear in the ranking of Forbes. And not only.

What were the beginnings of his career? In 2002, Świerczewski – then still a student – started in the IT industry with his first idea. With two colleagues, he founded a company related to his field of study and his interests, that is to say a shop of computers and components. A business run on an area of ​​30 sq.m. on Wolności Street in Częstochowa had difficulty getting started at first, but eventually failed.

Desktop computers, on which the x-kom offer was based at the time, were already enjoying considerable popularity in 2003 – customers preferred to come to smaller, more user-friendly outlets than to buy hardware in department stores from anonymous sellers. The following year, the company was able to sell more than 300 computers per month. The result, as for these realities and possibilities of a very small x-com, sensational.

An excellent strategist

Two strategic decisions increased the company’s turnover to 5 million PLN in 2005. First, x-kom began to expand the range, introducing, among other things, laptops, which at the time were more of a whim than a quality purchase for customers, and when the mobile revolution started, smartphones immediately appeared in the offer of the company from Częstochowa.

Second, the Częstochowa dealer jumped online. When the company appeared on Allegro in 2007, it quickly became the platform’s biggest seller. Michał Świerczewski later admitted in the media that he had many concerns about the profitability of online sales. And he regretted not having decided on this maneuver sooner.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s visit to the x-kom company in Częstochowa in October 2018.

Tomasz Kudala / REPORTER / East News

At the same time, he invested in two lines of business, creating, a store for toys, board games, products for mothers and children, as well as electronics and household appliances. Later, Combat was launched, where you can buy, among other airguns, defense items and flashlights.

The owner of x-kom has also started creating a chain of showrooms in all major cities. Its activity has grown almost exponentially: in 2010 the company already recorded 150 million PLN in revenue, in 2015 – more than 1 billion PLN, and a year ago – 2.5 billion PLN, of which almost PLN 100 million net profit.

At the same time, employment in the company increased – even more in 2003, x-kom employed three people and now has more than 2,000 people. employees.

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