Kapuściński, Lem and a children’s fairy tale. May at the TGG

“Epitaph of power” // photo: Krzysztof Winciorek

May 2, 2022

In the May repertoire of the Gdynia Główna Theater, the fairy-tale station again awaits the youngest and adult audiences – performances that touch on important topics of ruthless authoritarian rule. The piece inspired by the book Epitaph for Power and Mask by Ryszard Kapuściński, based on the prose by Stanisław Lem, returns to the Gdynia stage.

How will you end your encounter with a machine that discovers human feelings and consciousness? What are the mechanisms used by authoritarian power that stops at nothing? We will find answers to these questions by choosing in May at the Gdynia Główna Theatre. In addition to topics for adults, there will also be stories for the youngest. And as it happens in fairy tales, there will be a prince, a princess and a land where no one ever goes.

fairy tale resort

Photo Grzegorz Kujawinski

“A fairy tale about a fairy tale. Happy ending” directed by Ewa Ignaczak is a story about the tumultuous fate of the prince Pipo and princesses popi. In the performance, we follow their journey through the land where no one ever goes and a visit to the library run by the white rat, where the protagonists will try to read the book of their lives.

Will reading this book really give them the guidance and wisdom they need to continue their search? Because reaching your loved ones, whom you have only seen in dreams, seems an almost impossible task…

The challenges they will face Pipo and popi they will show viewers the maturation of these characters and underscore the need to make responsible decisions. Their story will also speak of the perseverance needed to achieve goals.

That is why the show will ask children quite adult questions and, appreciating their intuition, will answer them honestly and without childish simplifications.



  • Gdynia Główna Theater at Plac Konstytucji 1 (Gdynia Główna station, platform -1).

The ticket costs 35 PLN.

More information can be found in the Facebook event.

“Epitaph of Power”

Actors in the play 'Epitaph for Power' // photo: Krzysztof Winciorek
Photo Krzysztof Winciorek

On many requests viewers, and due to the still very topical message, the performance “Epitaph for Power” will again appear on the stage of the Gdynia Główna Theater.

The Emperor began the day by listening to reports. The night is a dangerous season for conspiracy, and Haile Selassie knew that what happened at night was more important than what happened during the day, he had an eye on everyone during the day, and at night it was impossible. For this reason, he attached great importance to hurt denunciations. I would like to clarify one thing here: the venerable gentleman was not in the habit of reading. For him, there was no written or printed word, everything had to be reported to him orally.“(Book’s extract “Emperor” R. Kapuściński).

It’s the book “The Emperor” by Ryszard Kapuściński began the international career of this writer and gave the reportage a literary dimension.

Thought “Emperor” becomes the inspiration for performance “Epitaph for Power” directed by Ewa Ignaczakwhich takes viewers to the court of the unnamed tyrant lord, right in the middle of complex and ruthless intrigue. Here, the palace game requires special skills such as meanness, duplicity and wickedness.

“Epitaph of Power” it also universally reveals all the mechanisms of authoritarian power – the escape of the ruler from responsibility for his decisions, the omnipresent surveillance, nepotism, corruption, the promotion of “passive, mediocre, but faithful” people. Interference in all areas of the lives of subjects, brutal suppression of protests and even the constant creation of very complex legal acts introducing a new order.



  • Gdynia Główna Theater at Plac Konstytucji 1 (Gdynia Główna station, platform -1).

Tickets included in the price: PLN 35/40.

More information can be found in the Facebook event.

“Mask” by Stanisław Lem

Photo Bogna Kociumbas

This fascinating discovery will bring together almost all scientists and journalists from all civilized corners of the cosmos! The attraction of the Futurological Congress will be the presentation of a reconstructed android, in which artificial intelligence may appear for the first time in history.

Meeting the Machine will evoke his first attempts to discover his own conscience, the sudden appearance of human feelings and the fight against the program which makes him a murderous instrument of revenge.

What will affect his future fate? Program or freshly acquired emotions?

Show “Mask” by Ewa Ignaczak will introduce viewers to the world of the darkest stories Stanislaw Lem. Here the android will warn against the authoritarianism of power and will try to discover the true essence of humanity. How will he ultimately evaluate his designers?



  • Gdynia Główna Theater at Plac Konstytucji 1 (Gdynia Główna station, platform -1).

Tickets included PLN 35/40.

More information can be found in the Facebook event.

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