May at Young Spirit –

The opening of the first Community Garden in the region with a spring concert by Siberians and Kresovians, “In the footsteps of the ancestors” without leaving home, the Poetry Evening by Janusz Jachnicki, Yoga on Chairs, “Weed Salad”, or Macrobiotics with Maria Maczkowska, Śpiewy w Kręgu and Brydżowy Club – These are the senior club meetings “Youth in Spirit” at JCK Przystania Twórczej scheduled for May 2022. Free admission (ul. Cieplicka 74 in Jelenia Góra, tel. 502 474,847).

Meetings of the “Youth in the Spirit” Senior Club in May:

– “In the footsteps of the ancestors” without leaving home. May 3 – 4, 2022 (Wednesday) 4 p.m. Free admission (no need to register, just come). The headquarters of Przystania Creative. This is the third meeting under the slogan “Save from oblivion”, a genealogical journey that Marcin Kocuj, a regionalist, will take us. The Senior Club guest will present ways to research ancestor information on the Internet. At later dates, it will also be possible to make an appointment with Mr. Marcin for individual consultations regarding personal research.

– “To be”… “More”… – Poetry evening by Janusz Jachnicki – May 11, 2022 (Wednesday) 4 p.m. Free admission (no need to register, just come). The headquarters of Przystania Creative. Janusz Jachnicki is an optimist and a romantic, insatiable for life, as well as a mountain and Tricity guide. He was already a guest of the Senior Club with a lecture on “The longest fjord in Norway”. She sails, creates stained glass, dances a tango and writes poetry. He created and directed the Bella Mafia cabaret for 3 years. He made his debut with the book “To be…” in 2016. Seniors will get acquainted with his latest poetry book titled “Always…”.

– Yoga on chairs with Małgorzata Śmiechowska – May 18, 2022. (Wednesday) 4 p.m. Free admission (no need to register, just come). The headquarters of Przystania Creative. Yoga on a chair with a fantastic instructor Małgorzata Śmiechowska improves the well-being of the whole body. Through the combination of sitting positions and breathing practice, we regain inner balance. It is a form of exercise that is also accessible to people with reduced mobility. There will be no shortage of equally important eye training.

– Concert of Siberians and Kresovians for the opening of the Social Garden of Cieplice – May 20, 2022 (Friday) at 12:00 p.m. Free admission (no need to register, just come). Spring concert of Siberians and Kresovians on the occasion of the official opening of the Social Garden of Cieplice. This will be an opportunity not only to listen to beautiful Polish songs about nature and flowers, but also to sing together. Weather permitting, we also plan to grill and bake sausages. Those who wish can bring something from the grill, a salad or a cake. (In case of bad weather, the concert will take place in the Creative Harbor hall).

– “Weed” or macrobiotic salad with Maria Maczkowska – May 25, 2022 (Wednesday) 4 p.m. FREE ADMISSION. The headquarters of Przystania Creative. The seniors will prepare a salad of wild herbs, such as round and lanceolate plantain, nettle, dandelion, yarrow and hippodrome, and a tea of ​​young nettle. Maria Maczkowska will talk about the properties of the herbs that grow around us and about macrobiotics.

– Cieplice Social Garden – May 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2022 (Friday) 11:00 a.m. We cordially invite you to create the Cieplice Social Garden together (right next to the Creative Harbor headquarters). Fresh air, good company, joint conversations, planning and pleasant work await us – for everyone, according to their possibilities and needs. Collection at Creative Harbor.

– Singing in the Circle – 5, 12, 19 and 26/05/2022 (Thursday) at 11:00 am Free entry (no need to register, just come). Seniors with Agata Szmigrodzka sing, among other beautiful Polish songs, both contemporary and folk. The participants in the meeting choose the repertoire themselves. It’s a fantastic way to practice breathing and diction. Anyone who likes to sing in a friendly band can join. Just come.

– The Bridge Club – part of the Senior Club “Youth in Spirit” – meets on Thursdays or Fridays at approx. 3:30 p.m. when he has 4 or 8 players. Bridge is a social form of the game. FREE ENTRY. New people can register at the telephone number 502 474 847.

In April, a lot happened with the “Young Spirit”:

History of Eastern Europe with Stanisław Firszt
Archaeologist Stanisław Firszt introduced Club members to the history of Eastern Europe. During the lecture, the elders listened to stories about the history of the eastern lands from the time of Polans to the present day. There was also an interesting discussion of contemporary events in Europe. A subject on nationalities and surnames has been planned together for the next meeting.
Self-defense with the police

Samoobrona with the police brought many interesting discussions and ideas for further meetings. Our “Young Spirit” are interested in refreshing the skills of their school years in the form of learning to shoot. The ladies also proposed a meeting with the district of Cieplice in order to improve security in this beautiful spa district of Jelenia Góra.

There was also an idea for a social gardening action with a bonfire at Ms. Maryla, a longtime member of the senior club “Young Spirit”. May 27, 2022 at. At 11 a.m., a gardening team from “Młodych Spirit” together with voluntary members of the Club will support Mrs. Maryla’s gardening work (collection at the Creative Harbor headquarters). As the ladies point out – Many of us are lonely people and therefore we need to support each other all the more – said Ewa. At the end there will be a bonfire with roasting sausages. There was also a surprise in the form of educational calendars for older people warning against fraud, from the project entitled “Borderland safe for seniors”, co-funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the INTERREG Poland-Saxony cooperation program 2014-2020.

“The Horses of the Apocalypse”, poetry evening by Grzegorz Tomicki
The poems from the book “Horses of the Apokalipsy” by Grzegorz Tomicki, read by the Seniors, brought many interesting reflections on the contemporary world. The author of the texts took the participants on a fantastic journey into the world of the metaphorical mountains of our neighborhood and the surrounding nature. The poetry evening of a writer from Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój, literary critic, doctor of humanities in the field of literary studies and employee of the Museum of Natural History was a great literary experience for our “Young Spirit”. “The End of the Encounter” gave rise to the beginning of plans for new adventures with the poetry and story of Grzegorz Tomicki. Thank you so much for an amazing evening and we look forward to the publication of the next volume of poems.

Exit to the Giant Mountains Museum
The ladies of the senior club “Młodzi Spirit” saw folk caps from Lower Silesia in the Karkonosze Museum, exhibits related to the history of Jelenia Góra and glassware. They pointed out that Lower Silesia was called the land of caps, decorated by hand by the inhabitants of that time. Small children’s caps and lace bonnets, used every day, attracted the most attention. The “young at heart” also admired old gardening and household tools. The glass exhibition of the former glass factory in Szklarska Poręba also made a strong impression on the seniors.

The Social Garden of Cieplice
The “Road to Garden Paradise” in the social garden of Cieplice was made of donated stones and plantings, namely hosta (funkia), yellow lily, lungwort and “Adam’s ribs”, sapphires and surprise flowers. Despite the low rainfall, we managed to create compositions from pots attached to the trunks of felled fruit trees, excavate the area for a flower meadow, plant beautifully decorated clay pots at the beginning of the path and remove some protruding roots. At the next meeting, the eight-person team of “Young Spirit” planted the donated flowers and sowed a flower meadow and grass. The ladies also received seedlings of various cherry tomatoes, the planting of which has so far been established on the windowsill of Creative Harbor. During the last meeting in the garden, the Seniors received hydrangeas, pampas grasses, yucca, “cabbage”, creeping and flowering shrubs and many other gifts from nature. Tulips, daffodils and sapphires also bloom. Chives and radishes also amaze with their day-to-day growth. The ladies also shared flowers with others. They are happy that more people are joining the Social Garden.

Sing in a circle
“Summer goes away” and many other Polish songs were sung by the seniors of the “Młodzi Spirit” club together with the versatile artist Agata Szmigrodzka during “Śpiewów w Kręgu”. It’s a great way to practice your voice, diction and diaphragm in a friendly environment. We cordially invite you to the next open meetings. You don’t have to register, just come.

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