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BInformation about the war is not something everyone knows in college, but Anastasia Lapatina He spent the last few months on it. As national correspondent Kyiv IndependentThis is an English-language publication in Ukraine founded less than six months ago – it wrote about the terrible events of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, recording stories about bombings, hospitals in cities occupied by Russian soldiers and cyberattacks.

A 20-year-old student who currently lives in Ukraine but has completed her first year of studying international relations remotely at the University of British Columbia in Canada, has amassed a huge following on Twitter with over 600,000 users and wrote reviews for Guardian AND New York Times, including an article on the refugee crisis on the Polish-Ukrainian border. (She says her biggest achievement so far is having a great social media and press platform to talk about Ukraine.)

“I’m only here to testify,” Lapatina said. Forbes. “I’m only here to pass this story on to the next generation.”

Lapatina is one of this year’s awards in 2022 Forbes 30 on the Europe Media and Marketing 30 list. However, she is not the only journalist in the world Kyiv Independent is honored. This year’s list also includes Deputy Editor Tom Astomin26, political writer and managing director Oleksiy Sorokin26 years old, head of investigations Anna Mirunyuk, 27. These are just a few of the co-founders of the biannual publishing house who speak about the war in their homeland with courage and perseverance, sensitivity and responsibility. (The other co-founders are over 30.) Read it in full Forbes Report on the four winners.

Other journalists on the 2022 list came from other European countries. London News Editor Shakil Hashem25, He writes Economist Espresso Daily Feed, a digital collection of five news stories published in the Espresso app. He also helps maintain the magazine’s homepage and writes articles ranging from nuclear weapons to tech optimists. British journalist Joyce Itoto26 years old, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, currently a reporter for BBC News Based in Nairobi. fabrice romano29 year old Italian CBS Sportsone of the continent’s leading football journalists.

Also in the 2022 list Ben Hunt29 year old journalist vice He covers LGBTQ+ issues – after a stint at Google, where he helped media companies working with the Silicon Valley giant. Another tribute to the 28-year-old Vicki Chandlereditor Britainbuilt an e-commerce publishing business with new content and new audiences.

Speaking of food, baking fans will be delighted to hear that a donut vendor is on this year’s list. Hamza Ayoub, the 29-year-old chief marketing officer of Dunkin’ Switzerland, is one of several CMOs awarded. Others include Amali Angelskar28, marketing director of the Swedish online therapy company Mindler, and Katrina Alexis29 years old, marketing director of the Latvian audio technology startup Sonarworks.

Many other 2022 brands are represented. At ASOS, the social media publisher Moein Abd, 29, works for the Topshop, Topman and Collusion brands. moment, Pooja Bupat25, director of digital publishing at Adidas, produces The Original Creator Network Project, working with emerging and underrepresented artists.

Startup founders were also among those awarded in 2022. Jesse BeyeThe 27-year-old former marketing director of popular Finnish tech conference Slush is now co-founder of Bou, a Scandinavian brand that works with brands such as Polestar and Metacore. Amy DurantThe 29-year-old Bold Strokes founder is the studio’s creative director and has worked with major brands including Marvel, Amazon and Nike. Victoria and JacquesThe 24-year-old co-founder of Polish company inStreamly connects marketers with several small influencers at once and has already secured deals with Netflix, Disney and Porsche.

Wherever there is marketing and media these days, Big Tech is likely to be nearby. This also applies to our list. Yuvraj BopariShot, 27, Head of Games Marketing at Snap Inc., franchises global games for Snapchat while helping with new DEI initiatives. Normano PisaniThe 29-year-old, an Italian from London, was TikTok’s sixth employee in Europe and now leads the platform’s media collaboration across sports, entertainment, music and fashion. Rouchita DuaThe 29-year-old is a senior international development consultant who trains startups and agencies in digital advertising.

We hope you take the time to read everything featured in 2022 List of media and marketing and others European category under 30.

The Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Media and Marketing list was edited by Forbes Team Editor and CMO Network Editor Marty Swan and associate editor for Forbes Gayer Hellborn With help from Forbes CMO Managing Director Seth Matlin.

Special thanks to this year’s judges: David Sandstrom, Chief Marketing Officer of Klarna; Karina Welcher, partner and CEO of Anomaly; and co-founder and CEO of Sonantic Zina Qureshi30 to 30 years old Europa alum.

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