The Constitution of May 3 is a great legacy for today and for the future

The Constitution of May 3 is a great heritage that must be a commitment for all of us today and for the coming decades, underlined Donald Tusk, the leader of the Civic Platform Party. According to him, this legacy is exactly what NATO, the EU and the Ukrainians who are fighting against Russian aggression are today.

On Tuesday, Tusk took part in the celebration of the anniversary of the May 3 Constitution in Poznań.

The leader of the PO pointed out during his speech at pl. Wolności that this year’s anniversary has a unique character. “Just like that, humanly speaking, we must remind everyone that the celebration of the May 3 Constitution is a Polish holiday, a holiday of Polish women and Poles, but when we look at the past, in the details of this history, Ukrainian women and Ukrainians also have the right to celebrate this day,” he said.

He recalled that it was one of the first modern constitutions in the world, which – as he said – can be appreciated by Poland’s allies abroad, including the United States. “They are the ones who can understand – perhaps the best – the pride of Polish women and men that it is here, in our homeland, that we have succeeded in making this great political, moral and intellectual effort in a situation historically very difficult. It is a great legacy that today is not just an ordinary history lesson – it is a legacy that must be a commitment for all of us today and for years and decades to come “, said Tusk.

“This legacy is exactly what our Ukrainian brothers and sisters talk about today, what our NATO allies hear, in the provisions of this pact, what the European Union is – the Europeans and what is written in his treatises” – added.

According to him, the legacy of the May 3 Constitution is also about “what Poles and Poles mean and what is also written in our current Constitution, which is sometimes omitted, sometimes celebrated, sometimes violated, but always a guarantee that our dreams of a free, independent, democratic and law-abiding Poland are not a mirage, they are our daily, imperfect – but still daily – and they are our obligation. »

“If we look today with such admiration at the heroism of the Ukrainian nation, we must be aware that it sheds blood for its sovereignty and independence, and that is what the authors had in mind. of the Constitution of May 3. We, Poles and Poles, also think about it every day, especially at this time, in the face of the threat of an aggressive neighbor, Putin’s Russia, underlined the head of the Civic Platform.

He considered that Ukraine is fighting today, among other things, on what was the essence of the Constitution of May 3 and on what is also – as he said – the essence of our contemporary dreams. . “That citizens have rights and that authority has obligations towards citizens, and not the other way around. This freedom must be understood as a system of guarantees enshrined in the constitution, that the authority cannot do anything that comes to mind towards citizens. just have to listen to the citizens, because their weapon, their tool is the constitution, there are rights enshrined in the constitution and laws “- said the former prime minister.

He underlined Ukraine’s “extraordinary” unity in the face of the Russian onslaught, as well as the heroism and courage of Ukrainian women and men, which – as he said – are signs of hope that evil will not have to overcome in the modern world. “(Evil) need not prevail in our homeland, though we need not resort to the highest price, the highest effort, the toll of blood in our daily confrontation with evil” , did he declare.

The leader of the Civic Platform underlined that, like Ukrainian and Ukrainian women, we must be united in the face of the values ​​that were enshrined in the Constitution of May 3 and which are also enshrined in the currently binding basic law, such as: the Rule of law, freedom, civil rights, freedom of expression, national and state sovereignty, the community of the West, international treaties that guarantee peace and defend our freedom, the political unity of the West, European unity, unity with the United States, unity with the fighting Ukraine.

According to Tusk, if we stay true to these commandments, we can “promise ourselves, Ukrainians and Ukrainians and our allies, that Poland will never die, that Ukraine will win, that freedom, right, justice, human rights, freedom of expression will always be present in our lives and that we will not give up under any circumstances.”

The host of the Poznań ceremony, the Mayor of Poznań, Jacek Jaśkowiak, referring to last year’s celebrations, recalled that “only 12 months have passed, and it seems that we live in a different world”. “Somewhere where gratitude and pride mean different things, and they refer to something else, because war broke out right next to us – and war, as we thought, changes everything,” he said. -he declares.

The president considered that “the partition of Ukraine, planned by Putin and carried out with cruelty, at the cost of the lives of thousands of civilians and the cost of the homelessness of millions of people, also applies to us”. “It’s not just about the wave of refugees, but also about the strong belief that we are witnessing an eternal conflict between the desire for freedom and the desire to conquer and rule the complex psychopath,” he said. declared.

He added that the May 3 Constitution was a blueprint to rebuild and save the state from impending collapse. He recalled that the three neighboring powers, including Russia, “agreed to reduce and definitively liquidate the Republic of Poland, which in turn attempted a profound reform of its system, fleeing forward, beyond from the horizon of contemporary imaginaries – towards more democracy, establishing a community of citizens, expanding rights”. “It was on this basis that a sovereign and modern Poland was to be reborn. And this basis, which is a certain model and example of social order, could not be accepted by Russia. Unfortunately, we know the tragic consequences” – said he said.

Jaśkowiak believed that Ukraine’s 30-year-old statehood revealed the diversity and richness of Ukrainian culture, as well as the strength of national identity. “Not without difficulties and obstacles, but stubbornly our neighbors are building democracy, hitting Europe, trying to build on the values ​​of the free world. They are looking for a path that will lead them to a better future. And in this better at future, no one will challenge their right to self-determination, neither Stalin nor Putin, he stressed.

The Mayor of Poznań added that the legacy of the May 3 Constitution is an obligation to support Ukraine in its quest for self-determination, modernity and belonging to Europe.

“However, we must not forget that we also have a lot to do, and that is why we must not postpone the Polish problems because of the war in Ukraine. We have stories of wrongs, inequities , of attacks on democratic institutions, of sins against the rule of law and freedom of expression. without delay, seek justice and solutions that restore social peace, the authority of reason and truth, the logic of cooperation – not small quarrels “- he stressed.

“This is also what the history of the Constitution of May 3 teaches us, namely that in the end, law and efficiency are on the side of a system based on voluntary work and the involvement of free citizens. , that intrusive propaganda does not raise patriots, but only cynical hypocrites, that autocracy does not strengthen state structures. but delivers them to devastating corruption that civil society is superior to the + obedient herd +. Thus, the message of the Constitution of May 3 contains, alongside pride and gratitude, a hard duty to safeguard freedom, “he said. added.

Poznań’s anniversary celebrations began with a mass. in Farze of Poznań. Then at pl. Of Freedom, a concert by the Air Force Representative Orchestra took place.

The main celebrations started at noon on pl. Freedom to play the national anthem; after the national flag was hoisted on the mast, the preamble to the May 3 Constitution was read. After the occasional speeches, the Ukrainian-born soloist of the Poznań Musical Theater, Oksana Hamerska, performed “Prayer at Sunrise” from Jacek Kaczmarski’s repertoire and the song “Ukraine Lives”.

The main celebrations ended with a parade of military units.

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