The customer wants to be heard. The constructive and destructive power of online comments

One of the most important changes we have seen in the business world, linked to the rise and development of the Internet, is the sharing the ability to post reviews on different brands and products. It’s a powerful tool that helps people understand what a particular company can offer them, but also an important signal to sellers themselves, what they can do to improve their products.

Notifications, recommendations, social proof of correctness – this is a very effective method to increase sales. Since the trade existed, the man directed his first steps towards places which were recommended to him by a trusted person. Later we called it word of mouth marketing which now takes many forms online – said Wojciech Kyciakchairman of the board of directors of SA, one of whose brands is – an authorized online eyewear retailer using new technologies that allow you to try on frames and check the fit of eyewear face the use of the camera and the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Kyciak noted: A good opinion can bring us a new customer, but the Internet is a place where there is always someone to criticize and where bad news spreads like wildfire. The emotions of a dissatisfied customer are great – of course, assuming that a negative comment is not paid for by the competition – rational arguments are often missing. This is why it is so important mindfulness, peace and content in relations with buyers – said Kyciak.

Don’t have time to answer? Pack your professional suitcases

The words of the representative of the online optical store confirm the analyzes of Best SEO Companies, an organization of companies in the SEO industry. In the survey, around 500 people working in the PR industry answered questions about how brands and businesses can respond to reviews and how they handle them. One thing that stands out is that many companies point out that they don’t have time to respond to feedback on an ongoing basis. Nearly a third of the companies surveyed. This may come as a surprise, especially in large companies, because small businesses often have a natural problem with introducing standard response procedures.

Create an appropriate framework that will allow you to respond appropriately to comment, the smaller the firm. On the one hand, commitment is generally greater in small businesses, as the responsibility for the fate of the business lies more with the individual, but on the other hand, there is a shortage of people properly trained in the communication. It is very easy to fall into the trap that a sales expert knows all about the product and in casual conversation he will explain the customer’s anxiety, but he cannot express it in the right words in a short internet post – describes Wojciech Kyciak from the online optical store.

The Best SEO Companies survey shows that even around 61% of business cases were able to change feedback from negative to positive. Plus, she didn’t have to try too hard, like offering an in-depth chat with a rep, offering a discount, or as a last resort, a refund.

Most consumers who leave bad reviewhe just wants confirmation that shows the brand takes his opinions seriously – recalls Wojciech Kyciak and gives an example: After delivering the goods to the customer, it was found to have a manufacturing defect that could not be noticed before shipping. The customer thought she had received glasses at such an attractive price, precisely because of the defect. She hadn’t contacted us before, she just described the case as part of her opinion. She added that overall she was happy with the speed of delivery and the nice, neat packaging of the goods, but she was concerned about the defect. After reading the reviews, we contacted the buyer, accepted the glasses as part of the complaint, explained everything to him. The customer was positively surprised that we responded to her comment and that the low price was not due to a product defect.

The greatest have time and conditions, but their pride loses them

Large online stores that have entire departments related to marketing or cooperate in this field with specialized agencies know that bad reviews not only affect the opinions of new customers, but also make the store less visible on the web. bad review it can lower a brand’s search engine rankings and plunge your store into online non-existence. Around a third of brands don’t even know this is the case and positive changes can be made almost immediately.

Despite this knowledge, the survey shows that larger companies are less likely to request appraisals than smaller ones. Companies with 50-250 employees usually check reviews at least once a month, which isn’t an impressive result anyway. However, companies that are bigger don’t care much about opinions, and 47%. decides to search for them annually or less frequently. Contrary to all the stats provided by Google and other websites where you can leave a review, they believe that negative reviews do not worsen profitability because their brand will defend itself.

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