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For several days, in addition to false stories about events in Ukraine, there are also fake news about life in Poland, for example information about alleged fuel shortages at petrol stations or the introduction of limits on cash withdrawals from banks.


– The CHARLIE-CRP alert level introduced in Poland is valid throughout the country – says Janusz Kamiński, expert in new technologies. – For a long time, the first level, or ALFA-CRP, was in force, which required increased interest in what was happening. CHARLIE-CRP is introduced when we have confirmed information about a possible security breach. The matter is serious and we have it today with her to manage – he adds.

CRP alert levels are defined in the Anti-Terrorism Act 2016. There are definitions and actions to be taken at each alert level.

– One of the determining points when introducing the CHARLIE-CRP level refers to the time when reliable and confirmed information about planned terrorist events is obtained, the effects of which may affect Polish citizens staying, among others, in to abroad – explains the guest of Kamil Jasieński. – We probably had such a situation in this case. We knew about the cyberattack on information systems in Ukraine a day or two before the physical attack. That is why this alarm was probably introduced – he adds.

Ordinary People’s Internet

Recently, we have seen the emergence of a large number of Internet trolls, accounts that support Russian propaganda in its attack on Ukraine. There are anti-Ukrainian, pro-Russian comments praising Putin, containing slogans taken directly from his speech just before the attack on an independent neighbor. – In this situation, it is useless to enter into discussions – says Janusz Kamiński. – You must stick to the basic alphabet of online procedures. We start by reading only proven sources. On Twitter or Facebook, these accounts are marked with a “check mark”, which informs that a given profile has been verified, that a given entity is who it claims to be – he explains.

On the web, there are also many accounts, new pages that pretend to be reliable sources and spread misinformation. Popular pages full of memes, loose content that are massively duplicated are also used to introduce misinformation. – The problem also concerns influencer accounts, people who are very popular but who have no background knowledge – specifies the expert. – Let’s use only confirmed sources, reliable news agencies and television – he adds.


12:11 quartet i hear first 25.02.2022.mp3 How to stay safe on the internet and how to protect yourself from misinformation? (First I hear / Four)

As Four’s guest remarks, lately we’ve also been dealing with band changes that we liked. – They change both the names and the content they broadcast, sometimes for misinformation purposes.

Cyberattacks – should we expect them?

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov recently announced a large-scale cyberattack against Ukraine. In this context, Janusz Kamiński stresses that the risk of a cyberattack still exists. – The Internet world is not a safe world where nothing happens. It is worth raising your own awareness of internet use. Of course, it’s not like the whole Russian computer machine suddenly pounces on Jan Kowalski, because he just surfs Facebook. It doesn’t work that way – he explains.

People who manage large computer systems, large banks and government systems should be aware of the risks. – They have to be very careful – emphasizes the guest of the Four. “It also sheds light on banks that may be affected, but reassures us that our private savings are safe,” he adds.

Janusz Kamiński notices that there is already misinformation about cash withdrawal limits. – No such thing happens. We normally use ATMs – he points out. – Today, the most important thing is not to wind up in a spiral of misinformation and uncertainty.


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