Essence and MediaCom join forces

GroupM, WPP’s technology and trading platform, has announced the final stages of its transformation to accelerate client innovation and simplify its business. Following the move stemming from the launch of Choreograph, WPP’s global data and technology company, Essence is merging with MediaCom in April 2021 and Mindshare is merging with Neo. They thus create a new multi-channel performance marketing platform employing 9,000 people. employees and using AI technology.

Nick LawsonGlobal CEO of MediaCom, will lead the new company EssenceMediacom as Global CEO. Kyoko Matsushita after eight years at Essence, she was promoted to CEO of WPP in Japan. The company continues to invest in fast-growing developing markets. Nicolas BidonGlobal CEO of Xaxis, will oversee GroupM Nexus as Global CEO.

Creation of EssenceMediaCom: 10,000 employees in 125 offices in 2023

Created to support the growth of customers worldwide through an agile response to the rapidly changing media landscape, EssenceMediacom combines:

  • Essence’s digital and data-driven DNA,
  • Mediacom’s scalable multi-channel audience planning and strategic media know-how.

Clients will be able to take advantage of the expanded global organization created by two agencies, which are a strategic complement specifically designed to enhance client growth. Essence and MediaCom already use this operating model for the three global customers they support: Google, Mars and NBCUniversal.

The creation of EssenceMediaCom builds on strong and proven relationships between agencies to create the agency model our clients expect for the future. It is a model based on excellent strategy and pioneering branding capabilities and digital insights. EssenceMediaCom will not only help our customers see the big picture and reimagine the possibilities. It will also offer our employees the opportunity to improve their skills and train in new areas. Moreover, it will enrich and strengthen their career – says Nick Lawson, CEO of EssenceMediaComie.

Mindshare completes integration of 1.2 thousand. performance experts and Neo consultants as well as digital services in their global offer

Mindshare and Neo will operate under the Mindshare brand. However, they will retain and adapt the Neo operating model which focuses on performance solutions. They will include it in Mindshare’s comprehensive offering. 1.2 thousand digital-first and Neo performance experts and consultants will be integrated with 10,000 media specialists in Mindshare. Neo’s digital services will be fully integrated with Mindshare and GroupM.

GroupM Nexus will begin operating as a global organization with 9,000 digital and technology practitioners serving all markets

The group will consist of 9 thousand. practitioners around the world. Together, they are responsible for setting up more than 2 million campaigns managed by GroupM each year. This global community is represented by a team of experts in marketing channels, AI multi-channel optimization, and data-driven technology and software.

The GroupM Nexus brings together:

  • addressable content and GroupM TV
  • AI technology (Copilot) and omnichannel solutions Finecast, Xaxis and GroupM Services.

The global organization will be supported by a new multi-channel performance platform and international hubs. The idea is to set new benchmarks in terms of innovation, efficiency and effectiveness for GroupM agencies and clients.

The GroupM Nexus structure begins to operate in the Polish market. It combines solutions in the field of programmatic, addressable television, content and influence marketing provided by the teams of Xaxis Finecast, Inca and Plista and GroupM Services (department in charge of technological development and the conduct of activities in biddable media). All teams will maintain operational integrity. Daria Sacha, COO GroupM and Tomasz Piątkowski, CDO GroupM, will invariably be responsible for managing these teams. The change of EssenceMediaCom will take place in all markets from 2023. Neo Agency does not operate under Mindshare in Poland – says Izabela Albrychiewicz, CEO of the Polish branch of GroupM.

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