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The celebration of the 231st anniversary of the adoption of the May 3 Constitution in Braniewo was also the occasion for the awarding of important decorations. Mayor Tomasz Sielicki and Braniewo Starost Karol Motyka presented the Bronze Cross of Merit to Tomasz Chwietkiewicz and the Sports Merit Badge to Miron Rapita. A group of people of merit for Braniewo were also honored.

Braniewo Mayor Tomasz Sielicki together with Braniewo starost Karol Motyka addressed in 2020 and 2021 to President Andrzej Duda and Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sports Piotr Gliński for the award to Tomasz Chwietkiewicz with the Bronze Cross of Merit and Miron Rapita with the Sports Merit Badge.

– We are happy that our applications have been accepted and today, during this unique ceremony, we were able to present distinguished personalities with commemorative cards and badges – said the Mayor of Braniewo.
Tomasz Chwietkiewicza is a border guard lieutenant colonel who, in addition to his official duties, carries out numerous historical and social activities, for which he was awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit.

Miron Rapita is a retired modeling teacher, instructor and trainer, thanks to whom not only modeling has been revived in Braniewo, but Braniewo players are among the national leaders in modeling.

Taking advantage of the fact that this year’s May holiday celebrations are the first in the form before the announcement of the coronavirus pandemic, Tomasz Sielicki and the Chairman of Braniewo City Council also honored a large group of people from merit for Braniewo with an occasional statuette.
The decoration was awarded to:
1. Kazimierz Gursztyn – longtime president of the Braniewo Beekeepers Association and adviser to the Braniewo poviat.
2. Janina Ogińska – the head of nurses at the Poviat Medical Center in Braniewo, who, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, was not afraid to help the sick.
3. Zbigniew Pawlicki – Treatment Manager at Poviat Medical Center in Braniewo, to whom many of us owe our health.
4. Dariusz Trzciński – for many years president of the Polish Fishing Association in Braniewo, and recently president of the Polish Fishing Association in Elbląg.
5. Krzysztof Stodulski – policeman at the Poviat police headquarters in Braniewo, honorary blood donor and chairman of the police blood donation club in Braniewo.
6. dh Jerzy Welke – social activist and longtime chairman of the Braniewo Volunteer Fire Department.
7. Aleksandra Lisowska – Braniewianka, athlete, multiple Polish champion in running.
8. Alicja Gajewska – Braniewianka, athlete, multiple Polish junior champion in discus throw.
9. Bartosz Baraniak – a native of Braniewo, who recently won gold medals at the Polish bodybuilding championships.
10. Wacław Reginis – a long-time maritime propagator from Braniewo.
11. Waldemar Gajowniczek – coach of MOS ZATOKA in Braniewo, who promotes a healthy lifestyle and shows young athletes how exceptional athletics are.
12. Sławomir Wądołowski – President of the “Fast Struś” sports club in Braniewo, who has shown time and time again that there is no route he cannot cycle.
13. Mieczysław Łyczakowski – sports instructor in Braniewo and initiator of the John Paul II Memorial Run in Braniewo.
14. University of the Third Age – a thriving non-governmental organization in Braniewo which offers our seniors many attractions.
15. Jacek Iwulski – Member of the Society of Braniewo Enthusiasts, photographer with many years of experience.
16. Czesław Kozłowski – Member of the Society of Braniewo Enthusiasts, active in the history of our city.
17. Jan Ogiński – member of the Historical and Cultural Association, Brotherhood of Knights of Braniewo, history enthusiast.
18. Kazimierz Samokar – a local entrepreneur and representative of the Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs Guild of Braniewo.
19. Andrzej Adamski – an artist from Braniewo and a showcase for the Polish jewelry industry.
20. Andrzej Zieliński – Braniewo artist, painter and instructor of the Braniewo Cultural Center.
21. Jan Mróz – long-time Braniewo City Council Councilor (1998-2018) and social activist.
22. Daniela Czapska – Secretary of the city of Braniewo in 1990-2012.
23. Jarosław Keller – retired director of the Municipal Social Welfare Center of Braniewo and representative of the Union of Ukrainians of Braniewo.
24. Józef Koltun – a longtime entrepreneur who led the first car diagnostics in Braniewo.
25. Mieczysław Tomaszewski – the owner of a traditional confectionery workshop in Braniewo, whose taste is known to all residents of Braniewo.
26. The board of MEBLE-OKMED DEMKO Sp. J.- a furniture company with many years of experience, a company that provides employment for many braniewians.
27. Zygmunt Wajdlejt – contractor from Braniewo.
28. Representatives of the maritime bakery – bakery in Braniewo with many years of tradition.
29. Wawrzyniec Kazimierz Paszkiet – President of the Union of Polish Army Soldiers, Circle No. 14 in Braniewo.
30. Zofia Bogdan – Retired librarian at Braniewo Primary School No. 3.
31. Ryszard Zembrowski – retired teacher from Primary School No. 5 in Braniewo.
32. Junior Brig. Retired Władysław Szczepanowicz – Retired Poviat Commander of the State Fire Department in Braniewo, active for many years in numerous non-governmental organizations.
33. SM Magdalena Krebs – Jubilee Sister of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Catherine in Braniewo.
34. SM Józefa Krause – Jubilee Sister of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Catherine in Braniewo.
35. ahem. Arkadiusz Witkowski – Deputy Commander of the Scout Division of the Polish Scout Association in Braniewo, working for years for the development of Scouting in our city.
36. Janina Filipska – President of the Union of War Disabled of the Republic of Poland in Braniewo and at the same time one of the oldest residents of Braniewo.
37. Ewa Czekawy – OTOZ Animals volunteer in Braniewo, supporting our four-legged friends.

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