How long do I have to wait for a package from an online store? E-commerce versus logistics and air freight

– Current reports show that already 85 percent. Polish Internet users use the offer of e-shops. What is behind this state of affairs? First, the lockdowns that have disrupted traditional trade. This, in turn, has contributed to the transformation of many companies, consisting of a rapid transfer of business to the Internet. Another reason for the increased interest of consumers in online shopping is the last mile and the security of delivery and collection of purchased goods, mainly through automatic parcel machines, thanks to which recipients could withdraw easily and safely parcel security – says Hubert Walczak, e-commerce manager at Rohlig Suus Logistics.

According to global online sales growth in 2021 will be 27.6% and its value will reach $4.2 trillion. While in the United States growth is estimated at 15%, in the United Kingdom and South Korea it is more than 28%, in China it is already 52.1%, or 2,799 billion dollars.

Courier companies report a delivery time of between two and five working days on average for packages shipped within Europe. Most often, for an additional fee, this time can be reduced even to one day.

Packages shipped with orders are collected from sellers directly by couriers or at points of a given company. DHL Express calculates that in Poland it has 1,000 such points, and worldwide – 86,000, while UPS in Europe has 25,000.

The next step is the sorting plant or local warehouse, where the package is scanned and prepared for onward travel. In the case of an air route, it will be a cargo terminal, where cargo and the like are placed in a container and then under the deck of a passenger plane or in the hold of a freighter. In the case of UPS, packages from around the world are first routed to the company’s largest freight hub in Europe, Cologne. From there, planes take them to Poland – they land five times a week at the airports of Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Katowice. DHL Express in Poland, on the other hand, has six terminals. Deliveries to them arrive from the regional hub at Leipzig Airport in Germany.

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