How to Use Big Data in Marketing

During Dmexcoone of the largest digital marketing conferenceswhich took place in Cologne, Marc Pritchard presented the main problems facing the marketing industry today. He also called on the market to take 3 steps to pull the industry out of lethargy. According to Marc Pritchard, implementing these changes should help redefine the role and importance of the brand in the postmodern digital world.

2017 was not a good year for digital media. This was caused by major losses in the digital media supply chain, which became blurry, unclear and even unfair. According to data from the American Advertising Association Association of the national Advertisersonly 25% of funds invested make it possible to reach consumers.

In President Pritchard’s opinion, there is a need to adopt a uniform standard in the field of advertising viewability (the so-called viewability standards), to obtain appropriate systems to verify the reach and frequency of advertising broadcasts and to ‘require transparent contracts with creative agencies. It is also crucial to constantly and constantly eliminate the frauds of the digital day (artificial fingerprints, etc.) and to ensure security against cyber terrorism.

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