How will cryptocurrencies change the holidays? The answer is “real cyberpunk”, Szymon Jankowski

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Szymon Jankowski – who describes himself as a real cyberpunk, CEO of, which creates derivatives of computer games, and co-founder of Blockchain Alliance, in his lecture takes viewers into the world of Richweb and the future Internet (web3 ) based on the blockchain. Cyberpunks are both “programmers who fight for freedom with code and spirit, who build a new open Internet that belongs to users” and, in a broad sense, all those who contribute to the adoption of crypto -currencies.

  • We are dealing with the emerging Richweb, part of which will include, among other instant messaging for those with NFT data or appropriate social status on Twitter;
  • Thanks to cryptocurrencies, issues related to, among others, social networks, messengers or coin market capitalization rankings;
  • True cryptopunks will be quite a challenge for executives, bankers, tech giants, and even environmentalists;
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In the article you will learn, among other things:

Rich web. Cryptocurrencies provide access to the “super internet”

Richweb is what is above the darkweb and also above the normal internet, and the sky above them is Richweb. Richweb ticket and admission are cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-based contacts.

According to Jankowski, nobody knows Richweb yet, but it exists and, for example, NFT traded for several hundred thousand dollars is a ticket for him. Part of Richweb includes communicators for those who have NFT data, proper social status on Twitter, VIP zone at crypto events only for owners of, for example, CryptoPunks.

Richweb, source:

The communication problem

Communicators are part of the challenges we will have to face in the future. The problem is when a stranger writes to us and we don’t know who it is. Bots are also increasingly writing messages.

Messenger based on blockchain technology will also be cryptocurrency wallets, allowing incredibly transparent communication, thanks to which it will be very easy to eliminate bots.

You can activate a filter, based on which the condition for exchanging messages will be, for example, to have at least one million dollars, a certain number of tokens or the NFT of a given community. Sending messages will be done directly between public addresses, where the capital of people writing to each other will be visible.

So, for example, when sending a message from a new business partner, we can immediately see what he owns, how much percentage of the company he owns, what assets he owns or what is the history of wealth growth.


Phones for cyberpunks

According to the speaker, soon there will be phones for real cyberpunks. Today’s phones are very vulnerable to unencrypted attacks. These needs will be met by encrypted and secure phones, on which you can hold up to billions of dollars without any problem or stress, and which will only work if the real owner uses them. The need for such calls will be greater the greater the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

How will cryptocurrencies change social networks?

We are all equal on social media these days. It’s a huge problem because you don’t know what is really important and important at any given time. Robots are the next growing challenge. Blockchain will solve this problem through a decentralized database of who has what. The power of votes on the Internet will be directly related to the amount of network you have, i.e. cryptocurrencies.

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In the new social media, the information on Twitter with the number of followers will be replaced by the total market capitalization of the people who follow a given person, thanks to which it will be immediately visible whether this person is being watched by real people or by empty bots. Elon Musk’s posts will get trillions of support instead of 200,000 likes. Content on YT will turn into trillions of dollars instead of millions of views. This will completely change the list of most popular movies on YT.

The Problem With Coin Market Cap

Another problem is the increasing number of cryptocurrencies available – currently we already have 19,000 projects in the CoinMarketCape list. This problem will only get worse as “the world will strive towards a situation where everything is a derivative and CoinMarketCap is a ranking of everything”.

Therefore, capitalization rankings dedicated to specific derivatives will be created. For example, establishes a coin market capitalization for computer games, with each game having its own capitalization.

The problem with real cyberpunks

Quoting Szymon Jankowski, true cryptopunks will be quite a challenge for executives, bankers, tech giants, and even environmentalists:

Socialists will want to get rid of real cyberpunks because thanks to cryptocurrencies it will no longer be possible to introduce centralized communism.

Bankers will want to get rid of real cyberpunks because thanks to cryptocurrencies, everyone will be able to do what they do: bring liquidity to the financial markets.

Governments will want to get rid of real cyberpunks because they will lose power to ordinary people.

The tech giants will want to get rid of the real cyberpunks because the internet they currently own will increasingly be owned by ordinary people.

Environmentalists will want to get rid of real crytopuns because they think the bitcoin network is just wasting electricity.

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