Internet hotel marketing – how to do it?

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Due to the pandemic, many activities have shifted to the online world, and the fight for guests is even more intense than before. Entrepreneurs realize that to compensate for the losses suffered in recent times, it is necessary, among other things, Internet Marketing of the hotel. What to remember? Which sales tools and marketing campaigns will be the most profitable?

Internet marketing activities
Internet marketing is currently experiencing its Eldorado. The pandemic has not only increased the number of Internet users, but also changed consumption habits. Many of them are looking for places to travel and make reservations in the establishment only through the Internet. Therefore, online marketing is essential for hotel entrepreneurs. It not only helps to attract guests, but also brings many other benefits. Among other things, you can measure the effectiveness of activities – there are many digital tools that provide data. Thanks to them, it is easy to generate various reports on the installation, and thus it is easier to control your budget and create forecasts. An undoubted advantage is also the fact that by carrying out hotel marketing on the Internet, you can also automate previously planned activities. Before this happens, however, they must be properly considered in terms of purpose and method of implementation, as well as many other elements.

Self-presentation is essential
Hotel entrepreneurs who want to fight for customers in the online world should start by preparing a website and other places on the Internet where they want to be visible to potential customers. You should take care of all the details so that they are refined in terms of photos, descriptions and other elements that will create the right image of the object. It is important that they are a showcase of the hotel, which will encourage you to take advantage of the offer from the first seconds.

Photo: LSI Software Hardware

Internet hotel marketing – what is most important?
Website – it must not only be aesthetic and consistent with the hotel’s offer, but also technically appropriate. It should load quickly (web users are impatient) and be optimized for search engines and mobile devices (many people only use smartphones). It must also be adapted to the latest trends – for example, having a chatbot or the option of voice requests, as more and more users are using them.

Content marketing – when preparing a website, do not forget that the offer and the photos of the establishment are not everything. Valuable blog articles with keywords tailored to the target group will improve the visibility of the website in search engines and thus increase the number of people interested in the offer. It is also worth deciding to run a blog as texts are a great marketing tool. Their purpose may be to encourage people to visit, to describe nearby attractions, to arouse trust or curiosity, and ultimately to make a reservation.

Cooperation with external portals – positioning a website in the search engine so that it is displayed to users in the first place can be expensive and time-consuming, and valuable blog texts do not always help in this. Sometimes, instead of fighting fierce competition, it is better to place your hotel offer on popular external portals with wide ranges. You usually have to pay a commission for this, but it’s often a cost-effective option because you can reach a large number of potential guests to become your loyal customers.

social media – it is worth being present there not only because more than half of Poles use them, but also because they are an additional and free space on the Internet where you can win guests and maintain relations with them. When managing social media for a hotel, you need to have a planned strategy regarding communication style and language, and also focus on its purpose. Consistent Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or LinkedIn will certainly be a good basis to stand out from the competition and give customers a chance to learn about the facility and enjoy the hosting.

Advertising is not forgotten
When the hotel has a well-prepared website, a blog with valuable articles, the offer of the property on external portals and social media profiles, you can take the next step in marketing by line – invest in advertising.

There are many paid advertising options and methods on the Internet. Below we offer the most popular tools worth using:

Google Ads – using this tool you can set an ad that will be displayed in the Google search engine and on partner websites. The most popular payment method in Google Ads is pay-per-click. This means that you pay for each click on the link we promote, which leads to our offer.

Google ads for hotels – is part of Google Ads created especially for hotel facilities. Thanks to it, you can promote your property not only in the search engine, but also in Google Maps. This is a beneficial solution for the industry, as it is often where customers look for their future destinations. Google Hotel Ads is a cost-effective solution due to its low cost and real chances of conversion.

social media – Gone are the days when number of fans influenced reach on social media. What matters now is their commitment and regular publication. However, sometimes the organic reach is too small and a hotel profile may only be displayed to a handful of people. That is why in social media it is also worth investing in advertising, thanks to which you can gain visibility and reach new people.

Photo: LSI Software Hardware

Other popular activities in the industry
Internet marketing activities are essential. However, if one wants to reach as many recipients as possible, it is also beneficial to be active outside the online world, whose documentation can, for example, be used as content for a website or networks social. What marketing activities are gaining popularity in the industry?

Product placement – i.e. product placement. Hotels offer many opportunities to advertise them in an interesting and non-intrusive way. It’s a great idea to apply to a creative agency and offer your establishment as a location for a music video, series, film or photo shoot in which the image of the hotel appears “accidentally”. This can significantly affect the popularity of the property. A great opportunity for promotion are also press articles, mentions of the hotel in travel guides or in culinary books.

Corporate social responsibility, i.e. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – in short, it is an activity of accountability to all stakeholders affected by the facility. This applies not only to customers or employees, but also to the community in which the business operates. The idea is to organize charitable actions as a company to support the needy or to protect the environment. Educational activity is also part of CSR – you can, for example, invite pupils from a local school and show them what the school’s work looks like “from the kitchen”. Companies that actively participate in CSR actions can increasingly count on prizes and awards that are invaluable in building their image.

Internet activity is essential
Today, when all hotels have websites and are building their online visibility, online marketing efforts are a must to keep up with the competition. This will not only attract new customers, but also enable relationships with loyal and repeat customers, and there is no doubt that in times of a pandemic this is particularly important.

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