It’s good and it will get even better. “E-commerce is like an economic pendolino”

The value of the e-commerce sector in Poland increased by more than 35% year-on-year. This market already represents 83 billion PLN and it is estimated that this amount will double within five years. Recent studies show that up to 40% of Poles intend to buy Christmas gifts online, and the coronavirus pandemic has definitely made us friends with e-commerce. No wonder entrepreneurs want to jump into this economical pendolino quickly and earn as much as possible from online trading. – If we set up an online store, it will be enough about 25 PLN per month plus the activation fee of 300 PLN – says Sonia Mrzygłocka-Pyć, PR manager at IAI / Idosell. Of course, an entrepreneur who creates an online store must also take care of logistics, storage, how to deliver the products to the customer and good marketing.

The number of online stores is increasing. It’s not difficult and gives you a chance to make a profit

In the new episode of the “Build a business” program implemented by the portal and the Polish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, we showed how and for how much you can successfully create an online store. Currently, e-commerce is considered the most promising way to earn money. The Poles are therefore investing heavily in e-commerce. This type of business is also used by physical stores, who believe that online business can give them a chance to grow their business.

– The time of the pandemic is when people started to think they couldn’t put their business on one foot. They need something that will allow them to stabilize their business, the Internet allows them to reach customers that stationary stores cannot reach – says Sonia Mrzygłocka-Pyć, PR manager at IAI / Idosell.

Foonka sells bedding all over the world, and Coffeedesk records revenues of tens of millions of zlotys. Everything in the e-commerce sector

West Pomeranian companies prove that they are no strangers to the world of e-commerce. The Foonka company, which creates original bedding imitating a haystack or a tuft of moss, sells its products on the Internet and they reach customers all over the world. The brand only has a small showroom in Szczecin.

– We knew right away that we had to have our own online store. It’s an important part of our business, a showcase on the web, something we focus on a lot – says Gosia Dziembaj from the Foonka brand. – We mainly sell on the Internet. Our path to success is good customer service – he adds.

This year’s sales results show that the Coffeedesk brand is on the rise. A significant portion of the West Pomeranian company’s profits come from the e-commerce sector. In addition, entrepreneurs run cafes in Kołobrzeg and Warsaw.

– The product, the reach of the target group and the market demand are very important – adds Marcin Gardzielik from Coffeedesk. – We sell throughout Europe, mainly: Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Baltic States.

During the three quarters, the company recorded a turnover of PLN 70.5 million and grew by 34% year-on-year. Owned by three colleagues from the Kołobrzeg housing estate, the company is currently attracting social investors to develop technology, open new cafes in Poland and strengthen overseas expansion.

It’s good and it will get even better

Experts of the program “We assume a business” prepared by the portal and the Polish Foundation for Entrepreneurship do not doubt that e-commerce is just beginning its development in Poland.

– Nearly 60% of consumers buy regularly online. The value of purchases is also increasing and more and more often exceeds 500 PLN. This is a very promising business, but when you start operating in e-commerce, you also need to have a plan and analyze the path to the customer – says Katarzyna Rogoźnicka from Centrum Doradztwa Gospodarczego Kiżuk & Michalska.

Do online stores need promotion? – I always say that an online store without promotion is like a stationery without a sign. If we want customers to find us, we have to go to them. Promotion is very important. We should think about being active in social media – adds social media expert Barbara Kaleńczuk.

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