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Baccalaureate calendar in 2022

In 2022, the graduation exam (main session) will take place from May 4 to 23including:

  • the written part – from May 4 to May 23,
  • the oral part – from May 18 to 20 – is carried out only for candidates who must present the result of the oral part in the recruitment procedure for a foreign university or pass the oral part of the exam is part of the implementation of the international agreement.

The schedule of the maturity exam in the main session

People who declared passing the baccalaureate in 2022

Passing the graduation exam in May 2022 declared:

  1. the students of the last years of the general high school, the technical high school, the industrial high school and the art schools, i.e. the graduates of this year (2022) (about 289,300 people who will take about 1,426,800 written tests),
  2. general secondary and technical secondary graduates from previous years (until 2021 inclusive; approximately 105,800 exams), who have decided to:
    1. take an exam or exams not passed in previous years,
    2. take an exam in a new subject,
    3. pass the previous exam in order to increase its result
  3. holders of a high school diploma before 2005 (approximately 330 partly written tests),
  4. Ukrainian student-citizens who found themselves in the territory of Poland after the outbreak of the armed conflict (41 people who will pass 201 exams in the written part).

Oral exams

In 2022, approximately 1,800 oral exams will also be organised, including: 215 Polish language exams,

  • 1,230 exams in English,
  • 15 Belarusian language exams,
  • 60 exams in French,
  • 170 Spanish exams,
  • 105 German exams,
  • 5 Russian language exams.

Requirements for the graduation exam in 2022

In 2022, the tasks of the examination sheets will make it possible to verify the level of mastery by the graduates of the knowledge and skills specified in exam requirements. They have been specified in Annex 2 of the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Science on special solutions during the period of temporary limitation of the operation of units of the education system in connection with the prevention, the fight against COVID-19 .

Compulsory and complementary subjects for the final exam in 2022

Nearly 290,000 candidates will take the school leaving examination in the following compulsory subjects in the written part:

  • Polish – basic level,
  • mathematics – at the basic level,
  • a modern foreign language – at the basic level,
  • language of a national minority – at the primary level (only graduates of schools or departments with the language of instruction of a given national minority).

In 2022, each graduate is required to pass the matriculation examination in an additional subject at the advanced leveland in the case of a modern foreign language – na advanced or bilingual level. A graduate may also take an additional examination in up to five consecutive additional subjects. The choices of high school graduates in this regard are most often dictated by the recruitment requirements specified by the universities.

For the first time in 2022, 4-year technical secondary school graduates (from 2006 to 2022) and graduate industrial school graduates graduate from junior industrial school as gymnasium graduates (from 2022), are not required to take the examination in an additional subject at the advanced level. This is possible if they have fulfilled all the necessary conditions for obtaining a diploma attesting to professional qualifications or a professional diploma in the profession taught at technician level.

Until April 20 of this year. persons who, in the previously submitted declaration, expressed their willingness to take the school leaving examination in an additional subject or additional subjects, and after submitting the declaration, obtained the above-mentioned documents, could submit written information on the resignation of the secondary school leaving examination in this additional subject or these additional subjects. In the event of resignation, these persons are not required to take an additional examination in any subject at the advanced level in May.

Number of exams in additional subjects

Most, because almost 38 percent. high school graduates will take an exam in an additional subject. Almost 30 percent. (29.5%) will pass the exam in two, and more than 24 percent. with three additional subjects.

Persons who fulfill all the conditions necessary to obtain a diploma attesting to professional qualifications or a professional patent in the profession taught at technician level (number “0” in the table) do not have to take the examination in an additional subject .

Number of exams in additional subjects 2022 exam (2022 alumni only)
0 2.6%
1 37.9%
2 29.5%
3 24.3%
4 5.1%
5 0.5%
6 0.1%

The most popular additional items at the advanced level

The most frequently chosen exams in additional subjects at the advanced level by this year’s high school graduates (2022 graduates) are:

  • English – 192,707 people (i.e. 66.6% of graduates in 2022),
  • mathematics – 77,568 people (i.e. 26.8% of graduates in 2022),
  • geography – 65,311 people (i.e. 22.6% of graduates in 2022),
  • Poles – 63,834 people (i.e. 22.1% of graduates in 2022),
  • biology – 46,800 people (i.e. 16.2% of graduates in 2022),
  • chemistry – 25,441 people (i.e. 8.8% of graduates in 2022),
  • historical – 20,429 people (i.e. 7.1% of graduates in 2022),
  • physics – 19,740 people (i.e. 6.8% of graduates in 2022),
  • knowledge of society – 18,262 people (i.e. 6.4% of graduates in 2022),
  • IT – 9,871 people (i.e. 3.4% of graduates in 2022),
  • German – 5,516 people (i.e. 1.9% of graduates in 2022),
  • art history – 3,785 people (i.e. 1.3% of graduates in 2022).

Maturity exam sheets in 2022

To hold the matriculation exam in May 2022 (the main date), the Central Examination Board, in cooperation with the District Examination Boards, has prepared 368 different leaf types and 60 different types of plates (for exams in modern foreign languages, computer science and music history), including in forms adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and the needs of candidates – citizens of Ukraine.

There will be two exam sessions per day: first at 9 a.m., second at 2 p.m.. The exam sheets used for this year’s matriculation exam will be published on the Central Examination Board and District Examination Boards website according to the following schedule:

  • for exams starting at 9:00 a.m. – the same day approx. 2 p.m.,
  • for exams starting at 2 p.m. – the same day approx. 7:00 p.m.

Verification of Matura exam papers and results in 2022.

The work of high school graduates will be checked by examiners. Certificates will be sent to schools by District Examination Boards for July the 5th Br. On the same day (July 5), the national results of this year’s Matura exam will also be announced.

CKE Website Registration Examination Materials

Detailed information about the matriculation exam and exam materials can be found on the Central Examinations Board website. Materials available include:

  • examination guides in the various subjects and annexes to these guides applicable for the examination in 2022 (annex 2022),
  • physico-chemical formulas selected for the baccalaureate exam in biology, chemistry and physics as well as constants and mathematical formulas selected for the mathematics exam,
  • exam sheets from previous years of the exam (2015-2021),
  • examples of exam sheets,
  • mock exam sheets, including March 2021 mock exam sheets
  • collections of additional exam tasks in all subjects,
  • films on the secondary school leaving examination in biology, chemistry and Polish, including films for the deaf, as well as lesson scenarios and multimedia presentations.
  • collections of complementary mathematical exercises.

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