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A program that guarantees effective washing consists of many elements such as time, temperature, amount and type of detergent. Although inserting the laundry may seem like a simple operation, failure to adjust the above settings may damage your clothes or fail to clean stubborn stains. In some situations, a personal advisor who suggests the right program can prove invaluable.

Discover Panel Al Control in Samsung washing machines

Although artificial intelligence (called AI for short, from the English expression Artificial Intelligence) may seem like a concept on the border of fantasy and the distant future, we use its possibilities on a daily basis, taking pictures with the phone or by selecting a series from a list of proposals. prepared especially for us. Modern washing machines also belong to smart devices. How does AI work in things as everyday as laundry?

First, it allows remember user preferences. The smart washing machine learns from previously selected programs, wash settings and options used, so it can suggest the most frequently used ones without having to redefine them.

One of the most effective (and efficient) artificial intelligence “skills” used in Samsung washing machines is Optimal AI program, i.e. adjusting the washing parameters (washing time, amount of water and detergent) to the degree of soiling of the fabrics and the weight of the load. The user can not only be sure that the linen will always be clean and will not wear out, but will also benefit from the optimization of resources. The washing machine will use exactly the necessary amount of water, and detergent should be poured into the device from time to time.

Good communication is essential!

The big advantage of AI is combined washing machine and dryer. Simply put the laundry in the dryer and the appliance will recommend the drying program itself based on the selected washing program.

AI Control is also remote control via app SmartThings. You can turn on your Samsung washer and dryer from anywhere (with internet access), schedule a wash program, and use the hint option to match the type of fabrics you want to wash. All you need to do is install the SmartThings app on an Android or IOS phone, and the washing machine must be within Wi-Fi range. These are the only requirements, the rest is easy and intuitive.

Ecological, fast and efficient

Do you wash heavily soiled fabrics at high temperatures? It’s not always necessary. Innovative Samsung washing machines remove dirt in just 15 degrees*! Thanks to technology EcoBubble you can save energy and ensure a longer life for your clothes. How it works ? The EcoBubble dissolves the detergent and mixes it with air and water. In this way, an active foam is created that penetrates the fibers of the fabrics from the start of the washing cycle, facilitating the removal of even stubborn dirt. The softness of EcoBubble means safety for your clothes, so you can forget about hand washing.

Another convenience is the innovative technology Quick Drivewhich allows you to reduce washing time by up to 50% while maintaining efficiency and saving energy**. In half the time, the washing machine performs a complete cycle and washes the clothes not only quickly, but above all with precision and care for the fabrics.

Want to refresh fabrics and get rid of bacteria? Thanks to Samsung washing machines and the hygiene program, you can easily carry out this activity, which is particularly important these days. Its operation is based on the fact that during the wash cycle, the hot steam penetrates deep into the clothes, deeply disinfecting them and eliminating allergens and up to 99.9% of bacteria ***** The technology allows you also to get rid of intense odors. The Hygiene program is also an excellent solution for cleaning items that are used intensively and that we want to be hygienically clean, for example towels or bedding.

To save energy and time, and at the same time help the forgetful, Samsung has also introduced a solution AddWash. Now you don’t have to wait or restart the washing machine when you want to put something in the drum. Thanks to the additional door, you can add a forgotten blouse or dress to it at any time during washing (the condition is that the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees). You can also use them to add items that you only want to rinse or spin dry after hand washing. Now you don’t have to wait or restart the washing machine.

The perfect duo: the Samsung AI Control washing machine and dryer

Thanks to Samsung AI Control dryers, we can forget about the bulky arrangement of the dryer, which takes up a lot of space, and the process of drying clothes takes far too long. Smart system Optimal drying In the new Samsung AI Control dryers, three sensors are used: humidity, temperature and heat exchange. For best results, it adjusts the drying time continuously, protecting clothes from damage and saving energy. However, the technology Air wash in newer Samsung washing machines and washer-dryers, it’s a great solution for things we only want to freshen up. It only works with heated air, without water, detergents or chemicals. Air Wash will eliminate odors and freshen up safely, among other things with sportswear, down jackets or children’s soft toys.

When you decide to buy a Samsung washing machine and dryer, you can be sure that your clothes will be clean and hygienically stored. Choose a device that will adapt to you, take care of the fabrics and make washing unnecessary.

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The article was written in collaboration with the Samsung brand

* Tested according to IEC 60456-2010 for a load of 4 kg: Super Eco Wash program (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without EcoBubble™ (WF0702WKU). Results may vary depending on laundry.

** Based on Intertek research: WW8000T vs. WW6500K. Up to 50% reduction in washing time and up to 20% reduction in energy consumption (40°C, half load), assuming ±5% washing efficiency.

*** Based on Intertek testing using the Hygienic Steam program. Kills up to 99.9% of selected bacteria types including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Results may vary depending on laundry.

**** Based on British Allergy Foundation (BAF) research using the Hygienic Steam program. Eliminates dust mite allergens.

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