The Mastercard Off Camera Festival, a festival for film lovers

Some of the films shown at the event will compete for the Krakow Film Prize in the main competition. The winner will be announced at the closing gala on May 7. The competition will include: “Beautiful Beings” (dir. Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson), “Between Two Dawns” (Selman Nacar), “Hard Shell, Soft Shell” (Emma Benestan), “Others” (Aleksandra Terpińska), “Inventory” ( dir. Darko Sinko), “Josephine” (dir. Javier Marco), “Miss Viborg” (dir. Marianne Blicher), “The Falconer” (dir. Adam Sjoberg and Seanne Winslow), “The Staffroom” (dir. Sonja Tarokić and “True Things” (dir. Harry Wootliff).

Are in competition for the title of the best Polish film: “Because there is sex in me” by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, “Fucking Bornholm” by Anna Kazejak, “Magdalena” by Filip Gieldon, “Songs about love” by Tomasz Habowski, “Return to those days” by Konrad Aksinowicz, “Sonata” by Bartosz Blaschke, “In-laws” by Jakub Michalczuk, “Faithful” by Piotr Złotorowicz, “Nothing soup” by Kinga Dębska and “Let there be no traces” by Jan P. Matuszyński.

Guests will also see many productions, presented in non-competitive sections – partly new and partly well-known to visitors to the Krakow event. Will be shown, among other “Hits of festivals”, including this time: “The city of the cursed” (dir. Stefan Ruzowitzky), “The paradise of the peacock” (dir. Laura Bispuri), “Traviata, my brothers and me” ( dir. Yohan Manca), “Animals” (dir. Nabil Ben Yadir), “Król is dead” (dir. Diego Ongaro), “Between two worlds” (dir. Emmanuel Carrere), “Luzzu” (dir. Alex Camilleri) and “Brighton 4th” (dir. directed by Levan Koguashvili).

It was these pictures that particularly interested the organizers when traveling to foreign festivals, incl. in Berlin, Venice, Cannes, San Sebastian, Los Angeles and Rotterdam. “We will see on one side beginner artists, and on the other renowned directors, but also great stars of world cinema, led by Juliette Binoche, who plays the main role in the film + Between two worlds + presented in this heading. ” – pointed out Grzegorz Stępniak, director of programming of the festival, at the press conference on Friday.

The next section will be “American Indians”. “Films shown in this one were shown at the biggest international film festival, Sundance,” Stępniak said. “They show heroes struggling against dreams and everything that determines the cultural, social and political landscape of America, but at the same time deconstruct and disarm various types of myths” – he added.

On the other hand, the program of “Nordic Horizons” has been prepared in cooperation with the Bergen International Film Festival, partner of the Krakow event since last year. The section will introduce viewers to Icelandic and Norwegian cinema, still relatively unknown in Poland. “The films presented here draw attention to important social issues, but also often tell perverse stories with a strong feminist tinge” – stressed Stępniak.

The plots and documents of the section “The future is now” tell about the ecological crisis. As the program director pointed out, “they talk about the effects of human activity in a larger context, paying attention to subsequent ecological disasters”, and we, the viewers with their protagonists, ask how they can be avoided, how to act so that Mother Earth can still function”.

In cooperation with the #SEXEDPL campaign initiated by model Anja Rubik, “Age of Innocence” will be created. The images presented in this section – as the director put it – “show non-normative and unusual faces of childhood and adolescence, playing with the conventions of initiation cinema well known to viewers”.

The most up-to-date will surely be “Unexpected Covenants”, or film stories about heroes from completely different worlds, which are divided by everything – identity, origin, class position. “But at some point they start working together; from their relationship and partnership, a new kind of quality emerges, showing that cooperation is possible” – stressed Stępniak.

The films of the group “A healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy body?” will also tell about current problems. As the director pointed out, “they draw attention to issues defined as self-care; they show heroes in various types of emotional, psychological, and social crises and role models for coping with them.”

The Krakow event, which will last until May 8, is also an opportunity for meetings and exchanges in the city of the festival as well as many other accompanying events. More information can be found at

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