What determines success in the e-commerce industry in the Netherlands?

Westerkerk (West Church), overlooking the water canal in Amsterdam. Netherlands.

You live in the Netherlands, you have a “brilliant” idea to start an online store and you are already counting in your head about the potential profits, how convenient and comfortable it is to work from home, you think – of others run such stores, so if it wasn’t profitable, they wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, the reality isn’t as idyllic as most people intending to open an online store would seem.

Most people who want to start their online store in the Netherlands think like this – I’ll buy products cheaper than a typical Dutchman in Poland and I’ll sell cheaper than local competitors, so there won’t be shortage of customers.

This is a very misleading way of thinking, the Netherlands is a very competitive market which is already saturated with almost everything, finding a niche which is not filled borders on the miracle – how to be sure that our idea of ​​your own shop online will run out?

Don’t follow the crowd. Where everyone is there, you won’t find decent payouts unless you have a gigantic budget and are able to compete with the giants in the market.

Material about it how to open an online store in the netherlands there is unfortunately a lot of documentation about what exactly is worth opening a store in the Netherlands either what to sell in the netherlands unfortunately no longer there.

That’s why it pays to carefully check the niche first, but how do you do it?

There is a tool that is part of the Google Ads package, yes Google Ads is a paid ad, but that’s not all today. You can set up an account in Google Ads for free, whether you live in the Netherlands or elsewhere. No SEM agency will tell you that because this knowledge is usually paid for, but most of the analytics tools they use are based on Google Analytics, so why use intermediaries (and not for free) if you can get this knowledge yourself? same and directly to the origin.

After creating an account in Google Ads, you will have access to a tool called “keyword planner”, it is the basic tool used in planning and designing advertising campaigns on Google. As a potential online store owner, you need this to check the niche and the degree of its competitiveness, whether X products will sell well in the Netherlands, and the degree of competition in that market.

In the Keyword Planner, you can type in a few phrases related to the products you are concerned about, select the target country and language (of course Netherlands and Dutch) and hit enter. Google Analytics will show you a long list of keywords that Dutch people enter into google.nl when searching for this type of product. This is not the end, in addition to the interest in these products, you will also see how important the competition is in the market – and the competition affects the advertising costs of your online store, that is therefore a very important parameter. Which will allow you to assess whether the niche is busy or relatively uncompetitive, Google determines the level of competitiveness numerically and descriptively, you can follow the descriptions there are only 3 “low”, “medium”, ” raised”.

In my opinion, it is also worth exploring the niche in terms of the Polish diaspora living in the Netherlands, which is quite large, because you can exist there, for example, with certain regional specialties, crafts, with this tool, you can also analyze the market in terms of the Netherlands, but the requests in the Polish language concerned, for example, these regional products. Poles living in the Netherlands are massively looking for Polish regional stores, which I get to see often in the results of scans I do almost every day. An online store in the Netherlands with Polish products, for example with food, can be a hit in the so-called ten because you will have much less competition when it comes to other online stores in the Netherlands. Low, second, advertising costs will be much lower than targeting your online store to ethnic Dutch people.

Online shops in the Netherlands are full of brand name products, recognizable big world brands, entering this “niche” is suicide if you do not have a large budget that will allow you to buy large batches of goods at deep discounts.

If you are interested in an in-depth analysis of the Dutch market or in setting up an online store for the Dutch market, use this website – online shop netherlands.nl – there you will find many analyzes of Polish products in demand in the Netherlands and Dutch requests on various types of products in general, this may give you an interesting idea for your own online store.

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