Who can become an affiliate? How do you get paid for affiliate programs?

The word affiliate has two possible meanings. On the one hand, it is a brokerage house which is not a member of the stock exchange and which is forced to place its orders through an intermediary. On the other hand, the word affiliate is defined as a publisher who participates in an affiliate program, in other words, an affiliate program. It builds affiliate networks by establishing financial contacts with advertisers.

An affiliate program is an Internet marketing technique in which an advertiser usually cooperates with many partners – publishers. Affiliates participate in agreed marketing activities, in return for which they receive material benefits. Affiliate marketing is therefore a kind of employment model. Independent publishers, encouraged by commission-based compensation, conduct marketing activities for the benefit of the advertiser. This allows them to earn money from their online activities. In return, their affiliate partners benefit from advertising and sales.

It is believed that the world’s first affiliate marketing program was introduced by the American company Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the company’s president, used affiliation in addition to his other marketing efforts. It worked on a very simple principle. Website owners posted direct links on their websites to books sold on Amazon’s website and in return received a commission for each item sold in this way.

Affiliate – who can be an affiliate?

When Amazon was founded, anyone who wanted to participate in affiliate programs had to have a blog or other website.. Nowadays, it is not necessary to become an affiliate. The development of social media has made it necessary to become a publisher to have an account on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. An additional facility is the fact that links to recommended products can be sent by e-mail or any communicator, so in fact anyone who conducts business on the Internet can become a publisher and build their own network of affiliation.

Affiliate programs – how do they make money?

In affiliate programs, publishers are paid per effect. This means that the remuneration is not fixed, but depends on the effect of the affiliate’s actions. This is an advantageous solution both for the advertiser, who only pays when the desired action is carried out, and for the publisher, who can earn more as the activity increases. There are many such forms of compensation in marketing.

One of the most popular is CPC (cost per click). This is a model where websites earn money for each unique click on a link or banner ad. It is most often used on popular websites. In this way, affiliate partners somehow rent advertising space to publishers. In the past, it was the main way for bloggers and vloggers to raise funds. The winnings depend on the traffic on the site as well as the number of bidders.

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