Critical infrastructure protection – how video solutions – IT and technology can help

The global critical infrastructure protection market will reach $108.6 billion by 2025, from $71.8 billion in 2019. Much of this spending is on cybersecurity, but investments in physical security using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) video solutions are also growing rapidly. The integration of these two areas is crucial to ensure good protection of critical infrastructures, since most cyberattacks find their source in the physical attack of devices connected to the network of the protected installation – according to the data contained in the latest e -book from Milestone, one of the world’s largest providers of intelligent video surveillance solutions.

Milestone Systems publication – “Critical Infrastructure Protection – How can advanced video help?” – describes the opportunities offered by AI-based video surveillance systems to improve the security of major state facilities. According to the company, the implementation of such solutions is extremely important, since most cyberattacks on critical infrastructure objects are preceded by physical contact with electronic devices through which cybercriminals penetrate and enter networks. IT companies and key institutions.

As the authors of the post explain, attacks on critical infrastructure are becoming a growing problem as they are much more often connected to the internet. It used to be that some facilities, such as power plants, could be operated in “more secure” closed systems, but as the Internet of Things (IoT) began to spread, the risks of it being used by hackers computers increased. A good example here are smart meters, which cause a number of security threats, such as the possibility of breaching customer data, manipulating meter readings, or the risk of major power outages.

“Smart meters can pose a serious security risk because a large-scale intrusion into a system can be used to trigger a voltage spike that will cripple the power grid. A 1% change in electricity demand in a network of smart meters is enough to shut down the entire network,” Milestone explains in its publication.

To carry out such an attack, cybercriminals may only need to gain access to a single unsecured device. This vulnerability of critical infrastructures to attacks makes them more and more frequent, as evidenced by the data cited in the e-book. According to them, 56% of gas, wind, hydro and solar PV companies worldwide suffered at least one cyberattack in 2019, and the average total cost of a security breach to the attacked organization was $3.9 million. dollars. These costs were even higher for organizations operating in the healthcare sector ($7.13 million) and energy companies ($6.39 million).

As Milestone argues, the solution that increases critical infrastructure security is the full integration of physical protection with cyber protection on a 24/7 basis. Advanced intelligent video solutions combined with various types of sensors and devices have a key role to play here. This solution can be used for:

  • intrusion detection,
  • monitoring of dangerous events,
  • temperature monitoring and fire alert,
  • access control (based for example on face, eye pupil or voice pattern),
  • monitor vehicles entering the facility for unusual behavior,
  • monitor whether employees comply with the directives concerning the use of protective equipment,
  • automated patrol (e.g. using drones).

The artificial intelligence used in such solutions first determines the typical behavior patterns of the plant and then, based on this, detects any deviations that may be an attempt at sabotage or unauthorized access. Similarly, AI is used to monitor common activities in information systems and flag any malicious activity or potential vulnerabilities in the system. The use of intelligent technologies in cyberspace and the real world, as well as the tight integration of the data thus obtained, is the key to effective protection of critical infrastructures, says Milestone.

You can read the full contents of the Milestone eBook by clicking this link: The publication is available free of charge.

Milestone Systems is one of the leaders in the global market for intelligent video surveillance. The company operates in Poland through partners, and their network is currently being actively expanded – both by large IT integrators and small companies operating in the video surveillance market. All Milestone products have an open architecture and are compatible with a large number of IP cameras, video servers and digital video recorders (DVRs). Additional information about Milestone is available at:

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