Cyberpunk 2077 – V could be the hero of the expansion

May 4, 2022, 10:25 p.m.

author: Michał Clock “Maycuzai”

Today’s news regarding the alleged cancellation of the Cyberpunk 2077 DLC’s Russian dub may announce that we’ll also be playing V there, not a new character. We speculate in the text what we might see in the next enlargement.

WARNING! The text below contains spoilers from the games Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This morning we wrote about actress Julia Gorochowa – in Cyberpunk 2077 she voiced Woman V in the Russian language – who informed on Telegram that she would no longer be playing the role. This most likely means that the voice acting in that language has been canceled for the emergent (or emergent) DLC.

CD Projekt earlier announcement, that he does not know if the studio’s next games will receive the Belarusian or Russian versions. Yegor Vasiliev – the Russian male voice of V – wrote on the popular Eastern social networking site VK:

Due to the information that the Russian dub will not be included in the DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. No official statement has been made on this. The decision is not yet taken (…).

But what can we learn from this

Let’s start with the fact that we’re not sure exactly what Gorochowa meant by referring to “DLC” – whether she meant a big story expansion planned for 2023 or smaller additional content packs, which are likely to come soon. ‘go to Cyberpunk 2077 In the coming months.

She probably meant both variants or just the first one. Gorochowa informed in his entry that “there will be no DLC in our performance”.

V for Vendetta

The word “our” likely refers to the Russian voice actors, which may suggest that Gorokhova and Vasilev were to voice V in the Russian version of the expansion.

If it’s true, this would confirm that we will be playing as V again in the big story expansion, not a new character.

Because if not V, then who?

Until now, fans had various theories saying that instead of the fifth, the main character of the expansion could be Morgan Blackhand (a well-known person in the universe cyberpunk), Johnny Silverhand himself or a completely new character, which – like V – we would create from scratch.

Something ends, something begins

Cyberpunk 2077 it has many purposes. Depending on our choices, V may or may not live through the end credits and go to completely different places in Night City. Therefore, there are many indications that the creators will locate the expansion’s action during the main storyline..

What if the choice was just an illusion?

However, what if the creators could somehow ensure that all endings have a common thread on which to base the expansion’s plot? There is a theory about endings worth mentioning here Wiedźmina 3: Dzikiego Gonu, featured by youtuber RaptorPL in one of his videos.

V may be the hero of the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion. DLC speculation - illustration #1

Epilogues of three different The Witcher 3 endings side by side. Source: YouTube.

All three endings are better than one

Each of the three cinematics constituting an introduction to the epilogues showing the consequences of our actions in The Witcher 3 takes place in another time frame. So it’s possible that the game really only has one story ending.and depending on our choices, we get a glimpse of one of three successive events. This is of course only a theory.

However, if the expansion action is set after the events of the end game Cyberpunk 2077 they could lose their charm and the illusion of choice would be dispelled. At last each of them is open to some degree and lets you write the rest of the story yourself.

V is possibly the hero of the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion. The DLC is speculated - illustration #2

Mr. Blue eyes. Source:

What can we expect in the expansion?

Now let’s leave the fantasy aside and choose a few of the many interesting topics Cyberpunk 2077on which the action of the story extension could be based:

  1. Mysterious Mr. Blue Eyes and marriage Peralezów – during the final conversation of the “Bunraku” quest, a mysterious blue-eyed gentleman watches us from the observation deck. He is most likely behind all the surveillance of the Peraleza couple. We’ll also meet him at the end where we give Johnny control over working with Rogue. Some say he could be the incarnation of Mr. Mirror from The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone in this universe.
  2. Prophet Garry – the fool was right. Ultimately, this led to corporations removing it and placing it…no one knows where. Maybe her son is somehow related to the marriage mentioned above.
  3. Alt, Johnny and the AI ​​Army – if Johnny decides to join Alt Cunningham on the other side of Blackwall, it is possible that they both start recruiting the army recruited in Mikoshi to fight Arasaka there. Who knows, they might even help V find a way to fix his body (in some endings he has about six months to live).

What would you like to see in the expansion?

And you, what or who would you like to see in the story expansion? The legendary Morgan Blackhand, the Crystal Palace (this one appears for a moment in the quest “Look at this city from above”) or rather cyberpsychopaths? Who knows, maybe the whole Night City is one big Braindance, and V is just an engram waiting to be thawed? We will know in 2023.

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