“I was a call girl for Rafał. He took it when he needed it, and he still had little. That bastard made another baby” – Real life

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– You love Me? – As usual, I asked at the end of our conversation. – Because I love you very, very, very…

– Most! – answered Rafał.

I hung up the phone, happy, but even more nostalgic. I studied in Warsaw, my beloved stayed in our hometown. We contacted each other regularly but disproportionately. Usually I was the first to call, I sent an SMS first. My messages were long, his only a few words. I always had a lot to say, he didn’t say much. I kind of knew what he was doing and what he was doing, but I felt strange with his laconic nature.

Doubts were forgotten when Rafał visited me for the first time. He arrived on Friday evening. We had two nights and a day to ourselves. We spent them in a rented room in an inn. We barely got out of bed. These moments of madness filled me with energy and assured me that everything would be fine.

Brother tried to warn me

This scenario repeated itself. Rafał made up for his reluctance with deeds. When he called, warning him that he would be coming, I set aside time for him alone, excused myself from other meetings, arranged a spot, and then… lived and breathed love. For a short time. And then we spoke on the phone again. The only tear in this unblemished picture of our love was the behavior of my brother, two years her senior.

I remember the day they both escorted me to the station after winter break. Rafał ran to buy me something for the road, then Patryk said:

– Let it go.

– What? – I was surprised. – Why?

It’s not worth you – he said. – You will be an ENT doctor, and he …

“And he’s part owner of the auto repair shop where you work,” I finished.

– Exactly. Find someone at a level in Warsaw.

– Hey, since when do you divide people into better and worse?

– I do not divide, but …

– Just what?

“Nothing,” he growled, as Rafał had just returned to the platform.

– What are you whispering? – He asked.

– I tell Ania to be careful with guys – growled Patrick.

– And you watch your words – Raphael replied menacingly.

I became worried. I thought they were buddiesand suddenly such behavior… But I didn’t have time to ask what they were doing, because the train had just entered the platforms…

Two years have passed, I still loved Rafał, and he – as he repeatedly convinced me – loved me. The holidays arrived, at the end of June I finished the session and went home. My brother was waiting at the station.

– Why didn’t Rafal come? I asked right after the short greeting.

“It’s better that way,” Patrick said in an almost aggressive tone.

– But why?

I told you to give it up, Yes? Why do you always have to be so stubborn?

– Something happened? – I asked.

– Yes. As usual, you don’t listen to the elders. Come in, the parents are waiting.

The conversation with Patryk made me very nervous. While still in the car, I called Rafał. He didn’t answer, so I called the answering machine.

– You lost weight again! My mother cried as I barely entered the house.

She sat me down at the table and gave me meatballs; the way i used to dream for the past few months, when i made myself chinese soup in a small dorm kitchen. After dinner I snuck out of the house and went to see my boyfriend.

– Rafałek has already returned home – his mother informed me.

– How are you ? – I was surprised.

– I’ve been renting an apartment in Puck for a month now. You did not know?

I did not know. He spoke little on the phone, and we wasted no time talking when he visited me. I did not understand any of this.

– Have you been to his house? – Patryk asked when I came home roared.

– Why didn’t you tell me?!

He shrugged, but I didn’t care. I locked myself in my room and didn’t even go out to dinner. I was furious. Still, I was hoping Rafał would answer, but he would he stubbornly ignored my text messages and calls. He simply disappeared.

She got worse than me

At the end of July, my friend from university called me and invited me on a trip to the Bieszczady mountains. I only went there because my mother convinced me to. According to her, I should have friends at university, because in Warsaw they are like my family. Also, Rafał didn’t answer my messages and didn’t answer the phone, so nothing kept me at home.

The Rafał affair, however, did not give me peace. He loved me, he murmured between two kisses when he visited me. What happened suddenly? Patryk didn’t want to help me, but my friends had no problem with that. I got Rafał’s address and immediately after returning from Bieszczady I went to Puck. I had to talk to him! Full of hope, I believed that everything could be put back in order and would be as before.

In the parking lot in front of the old building, I saw Rafał’s car… I was heading for the stairs when suddenly the door opened and a pregnant woman staggered out. She walked over to my boyfriend’s car and unlocked the door with a key that had a key fob I had purchased attached to it. I thought I was dreaming. Rafał would never lend his car to anyone!

– Honey, you forgot your phone! – I heard a well-known voice.

Instinctively, I hid behind the nearest tree trunk and watched from behind Rafał running to the car and handing a cell phone to the pregnant girl.

“And drive carefully, you’re not alone, baby,” he said, touching her belly tenderly.

It was only then that I realized the cruel truth. Rafał had another and he cheated on me with her for a long time.

My guess was confirmed by my brother:

“I knew everything, that’s why he pissed me off,” he admitted. – He shut up when I learned that Lidka was pregnant and I told him to stay away from you.

– Why didn’t you tell me?! I asked, sobbing into a handkerchief.

“He threatened to fire me if I wrote anything.” And I need money. I can’t afford to be unemployed and mess up my papers.

– So money is more important than your sister? You are mean, you know?

– I? After all, I asked you to let him go! I thought you made your life in Warsaw and forgot about that skunk. He was here, you were there. He couldn’t hurt you.

He made me a call girl! I was there when he wanted!

– What? – Patrick was boiling with anger.

– He came to see me and… It doesn’t matter.

– I will beat him! My brother growled.

I grabbed his hand.

“Don’t do anything,” I whispered. – You need a job. I will take my revenge otherwise. I’ll pretend I don’t know, and when he visits, I’ll make sure someone takes pictures of us. His girlfriend will receive an interesting package.

– That’s stupid. Goodbye, do you want to sleep with him? To know that he was cheating on you? You’re not so… And I’m sorry about that Lidka. And when he gets mad and will begin to give birth? Rafał is shit, but we don’t have to be like him.

Fact. When I calmed down a bit, I agreed with my brother. Such revenge would be stupid and cruel. What is the fault of this Lidka? She got worse. She will have a child with him, it will bond them for life. I would never trust him again. A loving woman can forgive a man for a moment of weakness, a jump to the side, but Rafał deliberately deceived and used me. This cannot be forgiven. I’ll think of a more sophisticated rematch. Or maybe life will do me a favor. One day he will learn a lesson, one day that bastard will come back to him…

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