New subsidies for solar panels: request up to 20.5 thousand. zloty. Who will benefit from the My Electricity grant for photovoltaics [5.05.2022]

On Friday, April 15, the fourth edition of the “My Current” program was launched. This time, the maximum amount of funding is 20.5 thousand. zloty. Above all, people who have already received funding from this program can apply for a grant. In addition, you can obtain financing for electricity or heat storage. So check the details of this edition of the subsidy, even if you are already a beneficiary of the “My electricity” program.

On April 15, 2022, the call for applications for funding for the next edition of the government program “My Electricity” began. So far, nearly 450,000 people have benefited from grants with a total value of nearly PLN 2 billion. people.

– This year, support will not only cover photovoltaics, but also energy and heat storage and power management systems. This is another change after the switch to the net metering system, which is to promote the consumption of electricity produced for own needs – notes Bartłomiej Jaworski, Senior Product Manager at Eaton.

The three previous editions of the “My Electricity” program have led to a significant increase in interest in photovoltaics. There are nearly 900,000 domestic micro-installations in Poland. In 2021, photovoltaics was responsible for the greatest energy production of all RES installations. The budget for this year’s edition of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) is PLN 350 million.

Individuals who have entered into a global or sales agreement with a distribution system operator can apply for financing. The call for proposals started on April 15 and will close when the funds allocated to this year’s edition run out. As before, the eligible costs will be the components of the photovoltaic installation: its purchase, transport and assembly. In the new edition, this will also include heat and energy storage. However, reimbursement cannot exceed 50% of these costs.

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– Interestingly, in the fourth edition, the “My Electricity” program aims to cover not only people who simply want to install photovoltaics, but also those who already have an installation, and even if they have already benefited from co-financing in the past . These prosumers, however, can request a lower amount and have to switch to the net metering system to obtain funds – explains Bartłomiej Jaworski.

This is the voluntary waiver of the rights acquired in the previous billing system for the energy supplied to the grid (when the photovoltaic installation produces excess electricity) and withdrawn from it (when the panels are not able to produce as much electricity as the household needs). In the net-metering system, invoicing is done quantitatively, and in net-billing according to energy recovery. Since surpluses are discharged at times when electricity rates are low, because there is excess supply over demand in the grid, and electricity from the grid is drawn when demand for energy is the highest – and therefore the prices are the highest – this new system is less favorable for prosumers, – households, especially since in addition to the price difference, there are also tariffs.

The net metering system is valid for all households that have connected the photovoltaic system from April 1, 2022. Owners of older systems have the right to continue using the net metering system – even for the next 15 years.

The greatest support – 20.5 thousand. PLN – will be given to people who have not used any form of support so far, and in addition to photovoltaics, they will also install energy storage, heat storage and an energy management system. Above all, the “My Electricity” program can still be combined with a thermomodernization relief, which increases the profitability of the switch to green energy.

The new edition of the program, like the recent changes in the prosumer settlement system, clearly shows the direction in which the government wants to develop micro-installations in Poland. In both cases, the self-consumption of generated energy is rewarded in the first place.

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Under the new billing system, in force since April 1, it is not even profitable to produce more energy than you consume. The money from the sale of excess energy will be in the “deposit” for one year. However, only 20% of the power introduced to the network in a given month can be paid for from the unused amount. It will therefore not be profitable to oversize the installation and install panels with more power than for your own needs.

– Through targeted subsidies, the government is also trying to popularize the transition from net-metering to net-billing.
Previous editions of the “My Electricity” program have been very popular despite relatively low subsidies. The budget always ran ahead. Due to rising energy prices, I expect a lot of interest in my own energy production and the program also this year – summarizes Bartłomiej Jaworski.

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