She loves adrenaline. Better not go out with her in July [Z pomponem]

– I started my adventure with speedway recently, almost a year ago. Exactly when I joined Wolfgirls as an escort. Currently, I am starting the second season of my adventure and I hope it will last a long time. I really enjoy getting to know a lot of people and following Wolves home games closely. In addition to speedway, I often watch football matches. My brothers are real fans so I encourage them. As a little girl, I always joined my siblings when they played soccer in the yard. Later I came with ragged knees and green shorts. I remember it very well. It is true that I am not an enthusiast, because I definitely prefer speedway, but I regularly follow my favorite teams – said Monika Serwińska.

Monika Serwińska – Private Archives

The Krosno guide also has many other interesting hobbies.

– I can say it’s dancing (especially high heels) and baking cakes. I also like to learn foreign languages, Spanish in particular, which I practice regularly. It gives me great satisfaction, especially when I can use this skill in practice and “chat with someone” in this language. It makes me proud of myself. Another passion is painting – especially with acrylic paints. These are most often landscapes, but just as often portraits. Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time for this passion lately. I hope this interview will remind me of my soul as an artist and that I will return to paints and brushes. It’s a good motivation to “extend the day for a few hours” (smiles) – adds Monika.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

In addition to many passions and apprenticeships, our interlocutor is also taking her first steps in her professional work.

– I’m a busy person, but I found that I like it a lot. I like to constantly change my environment and meet lots of people. This solicitation is linked to the combination of full-time studies with work. Currently, I’m halfway through my master’s studies, so I’m also taking my first steps in the job market in the direction I’m studying. I try to reconcile these duties with my private life, for which I have little time. I have been studying in Krakow for almost 4 years. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Information Architecture – which is not yet such a popular choice in Polish universities, as it is a relatively new field of study. In October, I started my master’s studies at John Paul II University, also in Krakow. I chose promotional and image communication with a specialization in public relations – says Monika Serwińska.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

Many women dream of a date with their favorite sprinter.

– If I had such an opportunity, I would rather treat it as a friendly meeting where I can broaden my horizons. I think it would be Bartosz Zmarzlik. He is certainly a very interesting personality. I would ask him about all the flavors of this sport. On the other hand, if it is so easy to fall in love with this sport, I suppose it is the same with dross (smile). A new season is starting and you never know who I will meet on my way – emphasizes Serwińska.

And why did Monika love speed sports?

– Adrenaline. Participate, be part of the speedway community. As a fan, I guess a lot of people would do a lot to be so close to it all. I think the expectation is also important. The season is about to start and you need to make a reservation for the weekend for a competition. Then there is the expectation of the next and the next match – for all that I appreciate being a leader – says our interlocutor.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

Fans are wondering how Monika joined the ranks of Krosno leaders?

– My friend led the Wolves in Krosno. One day she informed me that there would be a recruitment of girls for the new speedway season. Before that, I had no contact with this sport, but I quickly decided to give it a try. I like it when there’s a lot going on and the speedway seemed really, really fun. Why not – I thought and went to the casting – said Serwińska.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

There is also a kind of pressure when you lead the players at the start. The competitions are televised frequently, and the breaks between individual rounds are not too long. Has our contact ever had a mishap picking up speedway riders?

– It’s much funnier before going to the starting line. This is where we find moments to de-stress. Above all, we stay focused and follow the events on the track, but there are also times when we joke, dance and laugh. This reassures me a lot and makes it easier to smile at the start! I haven’t had any funny situations on the start line yet (I think I’ve had too short walks), but I have had to stare and stand a little longer than I should should. Rather, they are mini mishaps that are (fortunately) not noticeable to viewers – adds Monika.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

And how does our interlocutor feel, so close to the competitors on the track?

– There is a huge noise and you can hear the roar of the engines everywhere. It’s a sign that the game has started. Feel the tension and emotions everywhere. Under the tape, I sometimes observe the players, their concentration and their composure. I am still impressed, because in their place my legs would give way. Often the competitors approach too close and the tires of the machines touch our legs. That’s why I joke that you can’t get closer to this sport (as a fan) (smile). For me, it’s even more exciting when you get off the track and wait for the band to come up. These are seconds that accumulate a veritable bombshell of emotions. Then the competitors start and I hold my breath so as not to miss anything – said Serwińska.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

Since Monika became a guide, is she more recognizable in her city?

– I didn’t feel it last season. I didn’t care if someone was looking at me a la Melania Trump haha ​​This season is a bit different. I think more people can associate me with the Krosno highway and what is happening around it. We recently had a photo shoot as Wolf Girls for one of the sponsors. The effects of this cooperation can be seen in various places, for example on the banner in front of the stadium. This can have some impact on recognition – he adds.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

Krosno, who runs Cellfast Wilków, also leads a fairly active sporting life.

– Court and green knees are the only thing that connects me to team sports. Currently, I favor individual sports. In winter, it’s skiing and in summer, running allows me to clear my mind and complete my training plan. I also like the gym and weights. Maybe it sounds a bit funny (because I look discreet), but shaping my body gives me a lot of satisfaction – says Monika.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

Time in life passes very quickly. And where does our interlocutor see himself in ten years?

– Ten years is a very long time. I can see how my life has changed over the year, especially my way of thinking and my perception of others. Therefore, I prefer not to specify exactly where I will be or what I will achieve. I know it will be good things and that’s what I’m counting on – for happiness and love. Best in large quantities (haha). Until then, I hope to fall in love and create a beautiful relationship based on trust and security. I believe that the world will not change me too much and I will keep my inner spark – emphasizes Serwińska.

Monika also enjoys watching movies and reading books. And what does he like?

– I have two favorite movies. They are “Mother!” and the “Platform”. As befits a true fan of dark productions, that is, horror films. The first is psychological and the second is social. I can say that they are brilliant and stimulating. They are also not so easy to interpret, which makes it possible to talk about them for hours. Regarding books, it will be a more difficult choice because I am a real bookworm. My favorite Polish author is Remigiusz Mróz, along with the whole Chyłka series and other unique novels. In this case, I also recommend the book “Black Madonna”, which broke the pattern of Mróz’s literary style in a remarkable way. As for the foreign artist, it is of course Guillaume Musso, whom I particularly appreciated with the novel “Tomorrow”. It’s hard to choose a favorite book when you read a lot. Last year during the quarantine there were 24 objects, which I consider my personal record – adds the beautiful escort.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

The period of the Covid 19 pandemic is behind us, according to Monika, was it really such a dangerous disease, or was the balloon too inflated?

– I don’t think anyone knew what we were dealing with, so a lot of security measures were taken in the fight against the “unknown”. Prevention is better than cure. I don’t agree with all the restrictions – it was a difficult time, both socially and economically. I don’t think the “ball was artificial” one hundred percent, because I know what the situation was in the hospitals. These are images that are terrifying even in stories. I am not a medically trained specialist, but I am an empathic person, sensitive to the suffering of others, so I believe that this amount of suffering has not been artificially “inflated”. At the same time, he is aware of the ease with which it is possible to manipulate public opinion in the media. The more difficult it is to comment on the whole pandemic – added Serwińska.

Monika SerwinskaMonika Serwińska – Private Archives

Not to be sad, at the end “fun fact”.

– The answer to this question is very simple in my case. Only a few know it, and even fewer people could see it for themselves. That’s why I’m counting on your discretion (smile). I’m wrong in July and November. In short – it is better not to make an appointment with me at the moment for a joint vacation, because we can meet for a few months (smile) – concluded Monika.


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