Sixteen awaits a decision. When will we travel comfortably from Olsztyn to Ełk?

No decision has yet been made on whether to hold public consultations regarding Mrągowo’s “sixteen” in Ełk. Already at the beginning of the summer holidays, road workers will provide drivers with two lanes on the “seven” route to Płońsk.

Road workers are still waiting for the environmental decision of the regional director of environmental protection in Olsztyn for the construction of the S16 expressway on the Mrągowo – Orzysz – Ełk section. It’s unclear when there might be a decision. As Justyna Januszewicz, RDOŚ spokesperson in Olsztyn told us, it is difficult to give a date, but the decision will be preceded by public consultations. So far, RDOŚ called on the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways to submit a standardized version of the environmental impact report, since there were several annexes to the document.

– We will present this unified version of the report for public consultation – the aim is to make it easier to read, everything was in one document – the RDOŚ spokesman explained to Olsztyn. – GDDKiA was supposed to do this in mid-April, but requested an extension in mid-June.

In the meantime, information has appeared that due to the costs of the variant chosen by the road workers (according to earlier estimates it amounts to 3.7 billion PLN, although this amount is probably a lot higher today), the route variant from Mrągowo to Ełk would be changed. It’s not about building expensive flyovers over lakes.

“These are rumours”, he comments. Karol Głębocki, spokesperson for the Olsztyn branch of GDDKiA. – We have recommended a specific variant and now we are waiting for the environmental decision.

According to the Rovers, the variant recommended for implementation is the most favorable from a natural, social and functional point of view.

Investing evokes a lot of emotions. The RDOŚ received nearly two thousand requests and comments signed by the supporters of this investment, as well as by its opponents. The former, including several local governments, argue that the reconstruction of this road is a great opportunity for the eastern part of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and does not pose a threat to nature.

– We will refer to all these comments and opinions in the justification of the decision that we are going to take – she told us Justyna Januszewicz.

What can RDOŚ do? He can issue a positive decision for the recommended variant or refuse to issue it.

The route in the recommended variant runs along the Mrągowo – Kosewo – Baranowo (from the south) – Mikołajki – Woźnice – Drozdowo – Orzysz (from the north) – Strzelniki – Klusy – Chrzanowo – Ełk route. It is about 77.5 km long. According to plans, the road through the Masurian Great Lakes will be built in the years 2026-2028. Therefore, much will depend on the strength of social resistance against the highway through Masuria.

S16 is currently under construction on the section from Borek Wielkie to Mrągowo. It is about 16 km in total, including 13 km on the S16 and about 3 km from the Mrągowo bypass along the national road No. 59. The road is due to be ready by the end of 2023 and will have two lanes in each direction. Access to the new highway will be possible through two road junctions: Sorkwity and Bagienice.
This year, road builders want to announce a tender for the construction of a second road on the S16 Olsztyn East – Barczewo and Barczewo – Biskupiec sections. They are only waiting for the approval of the national road construction program until 2030, which will ensure the financing of the task. The construction of the second road from Olsztyn to Biskupiec will not remain stuck in the thicket of bureaucracy, because the road builders already have an environmental decision and a program concept. The construction of the second road is expected to start in 2024 and be completed in 2026.

The good news for drivers is also that at the beginning of the summer holidays, road builders want to open two roads on the new “seven” road from Napierek to Płońsk.

– At the start of the summer holidays, we will want to make the road passable along its entire length, so that it is possible to drive in two lanes – he says Karol Głębocki, adding – The road will be passable, but not necessarily the traffic organization for the highway. There may be speed limits as finishing work or service road work will still be in progress.

Currently, the construction of the second road on the Napierki – Mława section is underway, and in the section near Płońsk traffic is still partly on feeder roads. In total, 50 of the 71 kilometers under construction have already been completed.

Dates of completion of the most important investments in the region:
S7 Napierki – Płońsk – the end of the four episodes at the start of this year’s summer vacation
S61 Szczuczyn – Ełk South – August 2022
Nowe Miasto Lubawskie ring road DK15 – August 2022
S61 Ełk Południe – Wysokie – April 2023
S16 Borki Wielkie – Mrągowo – 4th quarter 2023
S5 Ornowo – Wirwajdy – May 2023

Andrzej Mielnicki

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