There is a call for an increase in the social pension to the minimum wage

There is a call for an increase in the social pension to the minimum wage
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A group of people with disabilities, with the support of KO politicians, has prepared a draft civic law which plans to increase the social pension to the minimum wage, ie 3010 PLN gross. The initiators of the act were backed by PO leader Donald Tusk on Thursday.

One of the initiators of the Civic Project is Civic Coalition member Iwona Hartwich, mother of disabled Jakub Hartwich. In 2018, they both took part in a 40-day protest at the Sejm, during which they demanded increased benefits for people with disabilities. Thursday, with the other initiators of the project, they organized a press conference in front of the Sejm, where they presented their hypotheses. They were accompanied by Civic Platform leader Donald Tusk.

The person in charge of the Platform recalled that May 5 is the European Day for the fight against discrimination against people with disabilities. “High prices, inflation is something that we all feel without exception, but for those who deal with disabled people for social pension today, inflation is something deadly. leads to despair and de facto prevents people with disabilities from actually taking care of them “- argued Tusk.

He also drew attention to the “poor” salaries of employees in the welfare system. “Let this day be a day of repentance for the authorities and may the authorities finally understand that inflation, which is inconvenient for everyone, can kill the weak, and for the weak it may be unthinkable” – a underlined the head of the PO.

Iwona Hartwich informed about the creation of a legislative initiative to increase the social pension, which currently amounts to 1,217 PLN, up to the minimum labor remuneration (3,010 PLN gross). The authors of the bill have already collected around 3,500 signatures, which they plan to submit to the Sejm on Thursday, along with the notification of the creation of the legislative initiative committee. Once the committee is registered by the Marshal of the Sejm, it can continue to collect the minimum 100,000 signatures required for a civic project in order to submit it.

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“This law, if it comes into force, would allow a more dignified life for these people (…) Hence our warm appeal: every signature is their dignified life, so we ask so much of the whole society in Poland – sign our law” Hartwich appealed. According to her, there are about 290,000 people currently receiving this type of pension in Poland. “It is abnormal in our country that we cannot help such a handful” – said MP KO.

Jakub Hartwich and Adrian Glinka also appealed to support the project. “Ladies and gentlemen, your unique signature will change our lives. I appeal, help us collect 100,000 signatures for the social pension bill” – said Hartwich. According to him, little has changed since the Sejm protest four years ago. “The institution of an assistant (a disabled person) still does not work everywhere, the programs do not work, there is no system, one hour of rehabilitation costs 140 PLN. In fact, today we are let’s fight for our lives, you can’t live PLN 1217” – argued Hartwich.

Adrian Glinka expressed his regret that people with disabilities find themselves “on the margins of society”. “Power has us as a social margin; it’s a shame to watch it through tears. Every signature under our law is our energy. Every thought that it will be better can bring us closer to a better life” – said the activist.

According to Iwona Hartwich, the authors of the draft decided to submit it in a civic form, because previously all its legislative initiatives concerning people with disabilities were “frozen” by the President of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek. “There is no chance today that this project will receive +daylight+” – added the MP KO.

Initially, the Thursday conference was to be held in the Sejm, but – as KO politicians informed – the initiators of the project were not admitted to it. This is why the conference was finally held before the Sejm. “We wanted to meet you today in the Sejm (…), however, we are meeting here in the open air. The participants of our conference do not lose courage and good humor, but that does not change the fact that we are all very moved by the lack of heart and the belief of today’s authorities that the Sejm building is only for them, they decided that people with disabilities and carers could not be admitted to the press conference concerning the bill,” Tusk said.

According to Iwona Hartwich, she was first informed by the Chancellery of the Sejm that the request for permission for disabled people and their guardians to enter the Sejm had been badly worded, and then received a response that they had no the right to enter only one of the side buildings of the Sejm complex (“U” building), while they intended to convene the conference in the main building (“C”), near the posts of the journalists.

The director of the Sejm’s Information Center, Andrzej Grzegrzółka, assured on Twitter on Thursday that Iwona Hartwich “together with his son and his assistants, could and could freely enter the Sejm”. He added that “the whole group today obtained permission to enter” the parliament, the “U” building and hold a press conference. “Those interested were informed of everything by the marshal’s guard,” said the head of the CIS. (PORRIDGE)

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