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Before launching an online store, why is it worth moving your sales online?

Wondering if e-commerce is profitable? There can only be one answer – definitely yes! Investing in your own online store is a great idea, whether you are just planning to run your own online business or you already have a fixed store and want to expand your business into e-commerce. Remember that omnichannel is a hot trend, i.e. omnichannel sales. If you want to meet your customers’ needs, you need to reach them both offline and online.

According to the report “What (u) is eating e-commerce?” Up to 35% of internet users shop online once a week or more. This group also includes potential customers for your products and services. Therefore, making at least part of the sales online offers great opportunities. Create an online store and you will earn:

  • attractive promotion of the 24/7 offer,
  • online brand recognition,
  • more potential customers,
  • lower selling costs,
  • practical and rapid contact with buyers,
  • the possibility of following the activities of the competition,
  • permanent access to results and statistics,
  • more sales and stable income for the business.

So don’t ask if it’s worth it. If you don’t want to be left behind and your goal is to reach consumers who are increasingly using convenient, accessible, safe and fast online shopping, create an online store. We write how to do it and where to look for help later in this article.

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What do you need to know before starting an online store?

Poles are more and more willing to buy online, as it is a convenient and simple solution for them, which guarantees a greater possibility of choosing goods than in stationary stores. that’s why selling online is now a great business idea and a great chance of success. However, before investing in an online store that will attract customers and start making profits, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Here are some steps to follow before starting an online store:

  • set the main business objectives through which you will achieve satisfactory results,
  • develop a detailed action plan that will allow you to mark your presence in the industry,
  • indicate the target group, i.e. the potential customers of your offer, in order to be able to communicate effectively with them,
  • meet customer needs and define the benefits of the products and services offered by your company.
  • know your competition and the latest e-commerce trends and find something that will make you stand out in the market,
  • set a budget that you can spend on setting up and running an online store.

Remember that no sales platform can do without a domain (a unique website address), hosting (a location on the server where the website is stored) and a modern design . Also, make sure your online store is built in line with the latest trends and optimized for SEO. What does it mean? Your store must be:

  • functional, flexible and transparent,
  • adapted to the specificities of the industry and the target group,
  • responsive – suitable for various devices,
  • intuitive and user-friendly use,
  • coherent, aesthetic and visually appealing,
  • fast and efficient operation,
  • safe – secured with an SSL certificate.

How to create an online store?

You are probably now wondering where to create an online store. It’s a legitimate question! After all, it is this decision that largely determines the costs of online sales and the owner’s ability to expand and develop the sales site. Because Along with a unique domain, efficient hosting, and attractive design, you also need to ensure the right e-commerce platform.

You will find several types of popular software in the market, through which you can create a dedicated online store. E-commerce platforms differ in their functionalities and allow, among other things:

  • sell and manage the offer,
  • contact and communicate with customers,
  • carry out various marketing actions,
  • securely administer user data,
  • integrate external tools.

Our overview of popular options will help you make the right choice. Remember to be guided by your business development needs and opportunities when making your choice.

1. SaaS platforms

Is it possible to create an online store quickly and easily? It turns out that it is. All you have to do is choose a SaaS platform which, in addition to efficient project creation, also offers ease of management. This software is hosted on the provider’s server (“cloud”), so you do not have to invest in additional hosting. On the other hand, this way you become heavily dependent on the service provider and the development of the online store is very limited.

2. Dedicated platforms

If you operate in a specific industry or want to distinguish your brand through unconventional solutions, choose dedicated platforms. This option will allow you to set up an online store that fully meets your expectations. All you have to do is choose one of two variants – a store written from start to finish for your needs or a project created from scratch, but based on a ready-made CMS (content management system).

remember that dedicated platforms require not only continuous system development, but also significant investment – in time and money.

3. Licensed Platforms

The last option you can choose from are license-based platforms. It is a perfect solution for commercial giants who have a large product base and need to process a large number of orders in a short time. It should be noted, however, that this is not a ready-made solution. In addition, the time-consuming implementation and the high costs of the project mean that not everyone can afford this type of investment.

4. Open source platforms

Do you want a lot of freedom in driving online sales? And you are looking for a solution directly aimed at small and medium-sized businesses? Then the Open Source platform will be perfect for your business.

This option is characterized by open source code and great flexibility, which is manifested in the unlimited possibilities of modification of the online store. Thanks to open source software, for example PrestaShop, you can implement individual and unique solutions.

If you don’t have the proper knowledge, you need technical support for these types of platforms. Therefore, you have to consider the additional costs. Wondering where to look for professionals? The PrestaShop platform works with experts from all over the world. You just need to take advantage of the help of one of the partners, for example, the WeNet agency.

Where to create your own e-shop? Summary

You already know where to start your own online store. We are aware that choosing the right option can be overwhelming, and the multitude of solutions available does not facilitate decision-making. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with technical issues and want to invest in a website that suits your needs, hire specialists.

WeNet advertising agency, certified partner of PrestaShop in Poland, has been helping small and medium-sized businesses to appear on the Internet for years. Choose a rich set of services, thanks to which you will gain:

  • an attractive, functional, user-friendly and ready-to-sell online store,
  • support and advice from an e-commerce specialist at each stage of the cooperation,
  • hosting, domain, SSL certificate and necessary regulations in one package,
  • necessary integration with external tools such as courier companies or payment systems,
  • access to modern tools and smart selling solutions.

Visit WeNet.pl and learn how to successfully run an online business. Order a free consultation and choose the best solution for your business. Join happy sellers who are acquiring customers online.

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