70mai M500 Dash Cam Video Recorder. Is it worth it?

Universal, compact camera with above-average possibilities? While looking for such a model, I found a Dash Cam 70mai M500 with Wi-Fi, GPS and Ultra HD resolution!

In 2022 VCR it is not so much a useful gadget as the necessary equipment for the car. Usually we do not pay attention to it, but subconsciously every driver knows that in the event of a collision, for example, he has tangible evidence in the form of a recording.

Of course, not all cameras offer the same quality. On the market you will find many offers for cheap devices that seem like a good choice on paper, but fail in difficult situations, as a result of which it can happen, for example, that you do not see the registration of the car in front of us, or important details in the context of the event.

Therefore, the purchase of a car camera should not be underestimated – this device will probably serve us for several years, so it is worth considering a model with better parameters, ready for the challenges of the future . Looking for such a VCR, I came across 70mai M500 Dash Camwhich stands out, among others Ultra HD resolution and the presence of Wi-Fi and GPS modules.

You can buy the 70mai M500 Dash Cam, incl. in the Polish store of the 70mai brand, at a price of 559 PLN.

Appearance and connection

The device looks great and the matte casing effectively hides minor scratches that may occur from normal, everyday use. The designers also decided suppression of display – however, this is not an obstacle, because everything goes to the connected phone anyway.

M500 on-board camera / photo: techManiaK.pl

The lack of a screen is also a change in the approach to control – physical buttons are limited to…the one we use to turn on the camera. However, the user has at his disposal several combinations of button presses, thanks to which it is possible to quickly reach the selected parameters also from the case level.

Himself the connection is extremely simple. The camera should be placed in the included adapter and you attach it to the glass with a double-sided sticker. The set is very solid and there is no fear of the device falling.

How does the 70mai M500 dash cam record?

The most important element of the driving recorder is, of course, the quality of the recorded material. In this case, definitely do not complain because the Dash Cam 70mai M500 comes with wide-angle lens that covers up to 170°! With such coverage, there is no chance of missing any important event details.

The wide-angle lens itself isn’t everything, though. An equally important aspect is the resolution – in this case the manufacturer informs about Ultra HD standard (2592 × 1944 at 30 fps). Additionally, you can choose high or low encoding – the latter may be useful for older smartphones.

Another useful piece of equipment is HDR technology – 70mai M500 Dash Cam can save an image considering HDRso you’ll see more detail in very dark and light frames.

Worth pointing out, the 70mai M500 Dash Cam performs well in all conditions – no matter the time of day or weather conditions. Regardless of them, the quality of the recordings is at a very high level, which can be seen, for example, in the sample recordings below.

Juggling SD cards hardly anyone today, so I’m glad that in the case of the 70mai M500 Dash Cam, the manufacturer has simply abandoned this option.

Instead, you will find on board – depending on the chosen version – 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB of built-in eMMC memory. This solution is not only convenient, but also better operation. eMMC memory has a longer life than SD cards, and most importantly, the write speed up to 150MB/s and the read speed up to 230MB/s will allow you to record and download very quickly videos and photos.

You don’t have to worry about the amount of memory, because builder took care of loop recording. This is because old recordings are overwritten by newer recordings, with the exception of emergency recordings which cannot be overwritten. This is another very important aspect that affects security.

What else should I know about the Dash Cam 70mai M500?

The driving recorder is to support our safety, but also the safety of other road users. The manufacturer of the M500 Dash Cam is aware of this and has therefore prepared a number of interesting improvements that significantly improve the safety of the driver, as well as people and animals outside the car.

It is definitely worth paying attention to voice commandwhich is limited to a few commands that are easy to learn, even if you are not an expert in English. This keeps your hands free and you don’t have to be distracted as a driver.

Dashcam 70mai M500 / photo: techManiaK.pl

The second aspect is built-in G-sensorwhich starts emergency recording when sudden shocks or collisions are detected. It’s also linked to their special place in the device’s memory, which is not automatically overwritten, so that the evidence is always preserved.

Moreover, when you decide to buy a Hardwire Kit Type-C UP03 power adapter, you can start parking modewhich, after detecting a shock by G-sensor, starts recording. If someone decided to search the car while you were gone, you will surely know about it.

It also requires the same adapter time lapse function, i.e. accelerated recording. Interestingly, thanks to advanced compression, these recordings can be very long! Such material takes up only 1/30 of the space compared to conventional films.

It’s not over, because the recorder also offers ADAS function, that is, warnings when we approach too close to the vehicle in front of us, when we leave the lane or when the pedestrian will be on the street. If you have an older car without advanced electronics, buying the camera itself guarantees a very important accessory that will allow greater driving safety.

Enforcement and control

As with many electronic devices in 2022, the smartphone application answers many questions related to the operation of the device. It is no different in this case because the program of the 70mai M500 Dash Cam is simple and considerably facilitates the use of the VCR.

Dashcam 70mai M500 / photo: techManiaK.pl

The app lets you set different levels of vibration sensitivity, preview recordings, and even set a cyberpunk filter that will make you feel like you’re in the future. The camera also supports GPS and GLONASStherefore, from the application level, thanks to the “Route Tracking” function of the Dash Cam 70mai M500, you can check it after each trip.

It is worth remembering about updates, as they often affect not only the addition of new functions, but also the improvement of the software, which ultimately results in, for example, better video quality.

Are you looking for a good video recorder? You will love the 70mai M500 dash cam

Dashcam 70mai M500 / photo: techManiaK.pl

70mai Dash Cam M500 is compact camera with many functionsalmost every one of them is useful. It’s easy to use and set up, and best of all, it delivers very good quality recordings regardless of weather conditions and time of day.

Ultra HD resolution, a wide-angle lens that covers a radius of up to 170°, a beautiful solution with memory and without an SD card, and on top of that a practical application make it a solid element for everyone.

The article was written in collaboration with 70mai Polska

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