Bill Gates: Elon Musk does not fight misinformation, which can spoil Twitter

Bill Gates decided to be the voice of reason and caution urged in connection with Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitterbecause, in his opinion, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX – even if he cannot do without business skills, as evidenced by the success of his companies – can actually make the “platform” worse.

The billionaire didn’t specify exactly what he meant by that, but we got the hint during the CEO Council Summit, an annual meeting hosted by the Wall Street Journal, where he questioned the commitment and Elon Musk’s desire to fight the rapid spread social media misinformation and vaccine skepticism.

Bill Gates also explained that social media misinformation is more than just a technology problem, focusing on the influence of trusted people, from African shamans to American politicians, on societal decisions on important issues such as vaccination. In his view, it is up to them whether people they will achieve the achievements of medicine or perhaps believe in “crazy” theories about unproven alternative therapies.

Therefore, the billionaire does not even hope if Elon Musk does not listen to reason and enable unrestricted freedom of expression on Twitter, promised from the beginning, the action will be taken by … lawmakers who, through legal regulations, will stop its aspirations: – I hope lawmakers will develop their own changes , legal framework to which [Elon Musk] will have to adapt – he adds.

By the way, the billionaire responsible for Microsoft’s success admitted that he thinks Elon Musk won’t repeat Tesla and SpaceX’s ‘breathtaking’ success this timenoting, however, that anything is possible, as one should always have “an open mind and avoid underestimating Elon”.

Bill Gates was quick to comment on the recent actions of the new Twitter boss, who posted his unfavorable photo on the site and accused Tesla of short selling. He said he doesn’t care about his entries, but declined to explain whether he was actually betting against Tesla, however insisting that the company deserves to be recognized as one of the companies that really struggles. against climate change:

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