Dariusz Krupa, Beata Kozidrak and Piotr Najsztub. Here are the celebrities who have heard SWEET JUDGMENTS for fights while driving or drunk (PHOTOS)

Find out how the justice system treated the front pages of newspapers for committing the crime of drunk driving.

It would seem that many public awareness campaigns about the dangers of drinking and driving

“under the influence” will help reduce the number of drunk drivers behind the wheel. Unfortunately, on Polish roads there are still many unimaginative people who get into the car after a few glasses of wine or other strong alcohol.

Reckless drivers aren’t deterred by the consequences either. We remind you that the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol are a fine of 2.5 to 30 thousand zlotys or imprisonment for up to 30 days, a driving ban from 6 months to 3 years and the allocation of 10 penalty points.

More severe penalties apply in the event of drunk driving, that is to say in the event of a blood alcohol level greater than 0.5 per thousand. The defendants are then threatened with a fine, restriction of freedom or imprisonment. A driving ban from 1 year to 15 years and a fine of 5,000 PLN to 60,000 PLN for the Fund for Victim Assistance and Post-Prison Assistance.

The stars also take the wheel under the influence of alcohol. The latest exploits Beata Kozidrak revived the discussion on the adequacy of the sentence to the crime committed. Find out how the justice system treated the front pages of newspapers for committing the crime of drunk driving.

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6 years for killing 😂😂

Krupa killed a woman, he was stoned… he should be sentenced to life

Krupa is an inflection. How can a drugged guy who kills a man on a car seat under the influence get 6 years (!!! ???). A nightmare for the family.

And who will tell me that Polish justice does not need reform? The hand washes my hand. The law is for ordinary people.

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Wow. Has it been so many years since the Liszowska rally? I remember when you wrote about her Joanna L like it was yesterday. I think I spend too much time on the Pudel

for me they are finished, even if they wear them, they are irrelevant

And there’s Diablo, who didn’t drink

I wonder how much these judges took in the paw?

Cattle are not humans. It should be punishable by death. Punishments executed on lanterns. Acquittal and praise should only apply to the politicians who robbed Poland in a bandit fashion and led to the liquidation of Polish factories and the country’s debts running into the billions. And the judges for drunk driving. They should also be acquitted and distinguished.

A good lawyer or substantive legal counsel is capable of lowering any judgment. It is not true that known and reputable lawyers will handle such a case better. I know from experience that it is better to go to an ambitious young lawyer, who tries and who knows his stuff. Due to numerous amendments, reputable lawyers often do not know the regulations well, but use their reputation, and the work for them is done by apprentices who are paid a few cents by such a patron. Not to mention the fees customers pay for these questions.

After all, this woman supposedly lost by the shepherd died, so hello

Poland is a country of alcoholics and cigarette manufacturers who do not know how to behave.

You know that Olivia Rodrigo is half Filipina and half German. See her older photos when she was 13-14 years old. She looked like a Filipina at all. However, these Asian characteristics are no longer visible.

In Poland, as you can see, they are equal and more equal..

The fight in the box on Beate Kozidrak continues all the time

Free courts for them! Free courts! Free courts! That is why they are necessary, so that they are equal and equal before the law, because, judging by a penal code, the gray citizen is given a more severe punishment than celebrities or a politician. This is why they want free courts to judge as they please. And the disciplinary chamber does not make it easy for them. It’s the whole truth.

For years my husband and kids ignored me…he was a guest in the house and he treated the house like a hotel…now a change. And he asks everything, I’m interested in everything, plans a vacation, advises me what to wear… what is it?

And have you forgotten Cimoszewicz?

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